I've Got My Episode II Tickets, Do You?

Weird. I actually wanted to do the whole camp-out-for-tickets thing, but my local theatre, as of noon today, still hadn’t been authorized to sell Episode II tickets.

So I drove across town to the other theatre, and wham, I was able to get four of them for the premire show. (Hey Cranky, they’re selling fast if you want in on this.)

So who here HAS done the camp-out thing?

Got my tickets today! It’s ridiculous how excited I am about this, but yet, I’m really psyched about it. Didn’t have to stand in line, though. I got on the phone and started hitting redial for the local theater’s phone line around noon, and by 12:30 I was buying my tickets for the 7:15 pm showing on May 16. I briefly considered going the full geek route and seeing the 8 AM showing, but decided I am not really that much of a nerd.

Episode two of what?


Oh, Star Wars. Hurble durble Sleazzobaggo selling deathsticks in Coruscant and final battle on a rock-world with clone troopers derived from Jango Fett then Anakin kills Tuskens after his mom gets killed and there’s a faggy romance shoehorned in there somewhere that really drags the movie down.


I really hope Anakin says “YIPPEE” again that was the best part and the Jar-Jar’s racist homoeroticism.

I know a guy who walked right up to the window for the premiere showing of Episode 1, bought his tickets, and went in. No waiting. It amused him greatly that he, without camping out, saw it three hours before the people on the West Coast who did.

I don’t get the camping out for movie tickets thing. Concert tickets, sure. That’s a one-shot. But the movie will still be playing in a week. Will delaying for a day or a week really diminish it that much? What don’t I understand, here? :confused:

Same here. I bought my tickets for the midnight showing of Episode 1 at about noon on the same day. There was a short line - took maybe 20 minutes. When I showed up at midnight, the show hadn’t sold out, and people could walk right up and buy tickets. This was in my little town theater - it’s only about 5 years old, and they showed the movie on the largest screen they had so it was pretty good. I’m fairly certain that if I’d gone to one of the “premier” theaters in the area that it would have been sold out.

From this I gather we should assume you’re not going?

You might just be right about the smaller town thing. When Episode one came out, my then 15 year old brother begged me to take him to see the premire at midnight, so we got our tickets two days earlier, with no line whatsoever; the movie was sold out by midnight, IICR. One wonders, though, why a town with 6,000 people and no grocery store has a theater with 4 large screens…
Fortunately, he’s old enough to drive on his own now, so I won’t be subjected to episode 2 until it comes out on DVD- unless one of my friends cons me into it.

We saw Spider-Man this weekend and bought tickets for the midnight showing. It’s not sold out and we probably could buy them the day of the showing, but we figured, what the hell.

Now if only someone will strut around and show off how cool they are for not liking Star Wars. Oh, if only…

My afore-mentioned buddy was in downtown Columbus, Ohio - not exactly “small town.” In fact, home of a pretty large university.

I still don’t get why people can’t just WAIT.

Whenever there’s a movie coming out that I’m really excited about seeing, I try to see it on opening night, as that vastly reduces the chance that somebody I know will accidentally give away a major plot point or other spoiler and diminish my enjoyment of the movie.

Also, the opening night crowds for cult favorites are usually a lot of fun, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Incidentally, I once broke up with a guy who could never understand why I didn’t want him to give away movie spoilers before I’d seen the film. “But it’s the same movie! What does it matter if you know the ending beforehand or not?!” This is not the sole reason I broke up with him, but it was a major contributing factor.

If I had only mentioned my interest two days earlier, I’d be seeing Epsiode II on the 11th, at the ILM showing. Drat!

Well, getting tickets is no big deal, but if you want choice seating, you have to camp out.

I just purchased my episode 2 tickets without waiting in line at all, but I know I’m gonna have to sit in line for a few hours to get good seats.

Got my tickets for the midnight showing at the best theater in town. In the immortal words of Anakin Skywalker, “YIPPEE!”

I can understand waiting in line for the good seats. But for tickets? Last I checked, you could buy them over the Internet.

i went for my midnight showing ones yestarday…SOLD OUT
excuse me while i die…im going out today for the matnee showing tix. verg of tears (not really) but feels awful


I got my ticket friday, i was wandering by the theater on my way home from the video store, got in line (took 25 minutes) and got a ticket for the midnight show. People in front of me had waited two days, and there are still people hanging out there waiting for the movie to start.

As for the reason people camp out in front of the theatre: Well, I camped out in line for Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi (and the last two “Indiana Jones” films too). We did the Hollywood Blvd. thing. There’s a whole subculture of fans who hang out at the Hollywood Blvd. theatres (Empire was the Chinese Theatre, Jedi was the Egyptian). The crowd is fabulous, you see a lot of your friends, you get on the news (sometimes national news) and you get to brag about how insane you were later. (Though, to be honest, I was never “insane” enough to wait in line more a day, off and on.)

I’m not going to wait in line for this film, because I’m in Hooterville, so who cares. For me, it was the Hollywood Blvd. experience that was fun. I know my friend Emily will be waiting in line at Hwd. Blvd.! (Hi Emily!) I saw her on the national news waiting in previous lines, I’ll be looking for her this time too.

Just got my tix today! Whee! Got 'em on line-- RT, I agree that it’s often easier to get them that way, but when Episode I tickets went on sale everything was jammed. If you were one of the folks who couldn’t be stadning on line that day, phone and ‘net orders were not your friends in New York. We had me, a close work friend, and my best friend many blocks from us all on the phone and trying to get Moviefone to load. Nothin’! We did get opening night tickets in the end, but only because a thoughtful FOAF who was on a line downtown picked up extra for us.

I was really surprised that they were so easy to get today. I don’t know what the deal is in other cities, but as of this morning, Fandango was only showing one theater in the NYC area, but Moviefone had at least 15. Really really glad I checked Moviefone!

Got my tickets tonight on Fandango. As much as I hate the commercial, this is the third time I’ve used em. Maybe my money can go to making a better commercial.

for episode 1, i walked up to the theatr bought my ticket, went in and sat down. there were about 150 people in a theatr that could hold a few thousand. for return of the jedi the line was a block away and every seat was filled.

this time around they shut down the theatr last friday (the 3rd). i don’t know what i will do now. i may have to go to… oh goodness, the horrour… new jersey.