I got my Episode II tickets!

I was really hoping that my local theater would have a midnight showing of Attack of the Clones but they’re not. So I got my Episode II tickets for the 3:45pm show on Thursday! I will be leaving work early to get in line for a good seat. Who else is skipping work on Thursday?

I was planning to go on Friday afternoon, with 4 friends. We have dinner reservations and I already bought the tickets.

Then at lunch today I found out that my daughter has a school “variety show”, whatever that means, at approximately the same time. So I’ll have to go to that instead. Even though they don’t have enough seats and I’ll likely end up watching it on TV from the school cafeteria anyway. Responsibility sucks.

I wish I was. My whole team (5 of us) are hitting the midnight showing on Wednesday (technically Thursday).

I tried to convince my boss to come too, but he couldn’t make it. Now I’m trying to convince him to at least get drunk that night so he comes in late on Thursday too. :slight_smile:

Colour me responsible as well. If I went to the midnight show, I’d likely end up missing my Thursday morning meeting.

But I’ve still got my tickets for the 9:30 pm show on Thursday. Woo!

You people are all sick sick sick! Where do I sign up?

12:01 am show on Wednesday evening/ Thursday morning. I have the tickets already. My girlfriend and I don’t even really like Star Wars that much. We’re just stoked about seeing people dressed up like Darth Vader.

The midnight showing on thursday, and since I sit in good old europe I see it some hours before most of you. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Bubba Ray you are a god!

Can I touch you?

i was hoping to go to a midnight show. however, it turns out i’ll be seeing the noon show on thursday. sigh…i put in for thursday off a month ago.

I’ll be attending a midnight premiere as well, on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Got my ticket on Sunday.

I work at 3-11 shift, which often goes beyone 11, so a midnight showing is unpractical for me. I’m going to a noon Thursday showing instead.

This movie already has me on an emotional roller coaster. I actually rather liked Phantom Menace, but I know it could have been better, and I’m praying this is the movie that does it. Every good review I read gets me insanely giddy. Every bad review makes me sound like Luke at the end of Empire Strikes Back: “No, that can’t be true!! That’s… impossible!”

But if I figure if it’s better than Phantom Menace and has less Jar-Jar (two things that go hand-in-hand), I’ll be very, very satisfied.

I think a friend got our two tickets for us. We’re supposed to go to the 10:45pm Thursday showing. Yeah, I know, we’re losers for not seeing the movie almost a full 24 hours after it comes out.

I’m waiting a few weeks for the crowds to die down…but my brother is taking off Thursday from work to get tix. I think he’s going without the fam, but I’m not sure.

Four other friends and I are going to the midnight showing tonight. Woohoo!!! 13 hours and 29 minutes to go…

13 hours 27 min…Can’t wait Midnight show tonight baby!!!

I got mine online. I have an evening show, though, since it looks like there is no midnight showing :frowning:

7:15 pm Thursday, here. CAN’T WAIT! Woo-hah! We’ve had a babysitter lined up for young Whatsit, Jr. for two weeks now.

11 hours!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Everyone at work is jealous that I still have the youthful stamina to attend such events.

We have our tickets for Saturday. Awww shaddap.

We’ve got ours. No way my kids were going to let me go without them but, jusdging by the line, they won’t be the only kids around town currently eating an early dinner so they can take a nap before we go.