I got my Episode II tickets!

I just bought mine for Friday at 1:45 PM. Im taking the kids as I have the day off, we are doing yearly checkups for them and then going to the movie, then running to Andy’s Kindergarten graduation at 4:30 then running to dinner afterwards, I am sure the kids will be wiped after that :slight_smile:

I saw it on May 2, and I wish I could go back to see it again. Alas, I have other plans this weekend, spening my time with people who haven’t been bitten by the Star Wars bug.

[jedi mind trick] You will enjoy this movie a bunch. [/jedi mind trick.]

I saw it last Sunday at a charity advance screening (side note: that is a wonderful idea, because there are lots of computer nerds like me with reasonable amounts of disposable income who feel like we should do more charitable things but sometimes lack the initiative, and then hey, we get to live out every fanboy’s dream, actually meet George Lucas, and give money to charity all at once).

I don’t know what kind of crack was being smoked by the people who gave it such negative reviews. But no point in spoiling it for a few days.

Oh, and I also have tickets for a 12:45 p.m. show Friday (with people from work) and a 9:30 p.m. show Friday (with friends, DIGITALLY PROJECTED)

Was able to work out a slightly later show time and still go with my friends. Will miss the dinner but see my kid’s show as well.

Responsibility still sucks, but compromise is good!

[gasp!] INFIDELS!!!

Well the earliest local showing is 9 am tommorrow, so I’ll be getting up about 7:30, driving over to the theater…and photographing a bunch of you lunatics for the local newspaper.

After which I’ll be going back to bed.

Maybe I’ll catch the movie on cable. :biggrin:

bete “infidel” noir
(maybe I should add :d&r: )

:rolleyes: :smiley:

Yeah we saw it at midnight! We were home at three and up for work at six! We’re so hardcore! :rolleyes: :slight_smile:

I’m sssssoooooo tired after that emotion rush last night, totally worth it.

I got mine yesterday, for Friday night. I could go today, but my friends and my SO can’t do it until Friday, so I’m being a VERY GOOD GIRL and waiting until tomorrow.

whiterabbit you are a saint. I’d go early and just not tell anybody.:slight_smile:

I leave work at noon today and head to the theater! Woo Hoo!