I have my ticket! (LOTR)

So I went to the mall the other day and stopped in at the theatre. Okay, I wanted to see a movie after picking up some stuff for baby. I went to Elf (I laughed, I cried) but that is tangential to the point of this thread.

In my wallet I have my ticket for the 11:30am showing on December 17 of RotK! I am so excited about this that even baby seems to be getting in on it and dancing around as part of my excitement. The only thing I’m worried about is the fact that I am due little over a week past that date… meaning bathroom breaks are going to kill me! Unless I manage to hold for all 3 and some hours…

I only wish that I could have gotten a ticket to the Trilogy showing the day before… That’s right… the day before it’s supposed to open they are showing all three movies one right after the other in the theatre. But I found that out too late to get a ticket and anyway that would be a little much for me.

But I have my ticket! does an enthusiastic happy dance

I actually have a ticket to see the trilogy. I may have to skip it. They’re showing FotR and TTT on Dec. 16. Then at midnight, they’re showing RotK.

That means I need to either take two days off work or stumble through my workday on the 17th with NO sleep. I don’t think, after taking a day off to see Duran Duran in Philadelphia last month, and taking January 2 off because I’ll be out of town all that weekend, they’ll appreciate another 2 days. sigh

I have them for December 10th. Preview screening.

My ticket for the 17th is waiting for me at the theater. Yes… FanDANgooo.

I broke down and bought mine tonight, for a midnight showing on the 16th/17th. I decided a long time ago that I’m just too old at this point to be going to midnight movies. But for some reason this movie has gotten me all worked up like I haven’t been since I was 9 years old and waited in line 4 hours to see The Empire Strikes Back.

It’s getting downright embarrassing. I bought the soundtracks the other night, and the first time I heard the theme from Fellowship of the Ring repeated again, I actually made a little squeaking noise. I may have done some sort of dance, I can’t really recall. This has got to stop.

These all sold out quickly, and thousands of fans were left wanting. If you decide in advance you won’t make it, you might consider visting theonering.net and checking out their “Ticket Exchange” program. They’re trying to match up people who have tickets with people who want tickets.

Or you could sell it for an outrageous price on ebay. People are paying hundreds of dollars for Trilogy Tuesday tickets. Sigh.

We have Trilogy Tuesday tickets (and paid face value)…can’t wait!

I bought my ticket the other day through Fandango…my theater has a 12:01am showing of ROTK, but I didn’t feel like staying up until 4am. Since I’m taking the day off anyway, I opted to just go at 11am on the 17th.

Hello, my name is Jadis and I’m a giant dork. :smiley:

I managed to get trilogy tickets for my mom and I the first day they went on sale, but they sold out FAST. I don’t think they realized how many people are obsessive enough (coughMomcough) to want to do it.

How dorky can you be, Jadis, if you’re not going to a midnight showing? :smiley:

Are you sure your ROTK for the trilogy starts at midnight? The ROTK single showings do start at midnight but I though in general the showing within the trilogy pack started at 10pm. I know mine does.

whiterabbit, I thought that buying my ticket 3 weeks in advance and taking a day off from work to see the movie were major dork factors. I see now that there’s still room for me to take that final step into ubergeekdom. :wink:

I’m taking two days off work so I can go to Tuesday Trilogy in Little Rock, 130 miles from my home. My tickets are paid and holding in Will Call.