Woo f'in hoo, The LOTR trilogy in theaters. I got my ticket

Oh boy, I hope I know what I’m in for. On Dec 16th I will see, in a row, The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition, The Two Towers: Extended Edition and The Return of the King. My butt is going to kill me. And then my bladder. And then my butt again. But I’ve had experience in the past. I’ve spent 24 hours straight in an all you can drink coffee & tea place.

So who else is doing this? Or are you going to wuss out and take the sperate showings a few days apart?

THank you Fark for reminding me. Here are the participating theaters

Wooo Hoooo!!! They are showing it in my town.

Gonna get my tickets and a vacation request.

Grr… We have an underused AMC 24 screen cinema here in Ottawa, but they are not on the list.

I’m going to call the manager today and find out why.

Don’t worry. That’s only the American list. There’s supposed to be 20 Canadian theaters participating. I can’t seem to find the list.

Hmmm, This list doesn’t list any Candian locations either. That’s weird! Because it looks like these things are selling fast.

Ok, go to Fark.com. Scroll down to the lordoftherings.net bit and enter the comments. Do a search for “Xoanon” and read that reply. There’s your Canadian answer. Apparantly they’re still working on the nogotiations and haven’t been able to finalize things yet.

You bastard!! (I mean that in the nicest way, of course).

The one theater showing the Trilogy that one day here in my area sold out within, I dunno, minutes. The procedure for buying tickets: Try to buy, time out. Try to buy, time out. Try to buy … sorry, we’re sold out.

The head of our local LotR organization was begging everyone on his email list for tickets because he ran into the same thing.

So the odds of me getting tickets are fairly well in the asteroid-hitting-the-earth-and-wiping-out-life-in-the-next-month range.

Oh well, I can still see the “extended edition” films on the big screen separately as they are showing FotR in the first week of December and TTT in the second (IIRC).

For some reason I couldn’t buy them online, and the theater told me there was some unspecified problem and they wouldn’t be selling them until today. I’m going to go check and see if I can get them online yet, though, because one of them is a birthday present for Mama Tiger. And to think I had to EXPLAIN why I thought it was particularly appropriate as a birthday present…:smiley:

I’ve got my confirmation email. I’ll have to take two days off work. The first, Dec. 16 to drive to Little Rock for the show. Then the next because I’m not going to get out of a movie at 2:30, drive 2.5 hours home and go right to work. Nope, gonna take that next day off too.

I’m hoping to go to the Senator in Baltimore, but they won’t sell tickets online or over the phone for this; we have to drive up and get them in person over the weekend.

Fingers crossed we can get in.

It’s showing at the Uptown (great old movie palace with a huge screen and excellent sound–THE place to see a movie in DC), but A) I have no paid time off right now (stupid temp job); B) the all-day marathon appears to be sold out; and C) I have a 36-inch TV with surround sound at home, so I can watch FOTR and TTT at home with my own snacks (beer, burgers, garlic popcorn).

Can’t get my tix online or by phone either.:mad:

To add insult to injury, someone already has that whole week off at work and I will not be able to take the two days vacation required for the marathon on the 16th. I guess it will be the other showings, then.

Going to have to go tonight and get the tix for those. Luckily, the theater is right around the corner from Lady Baggins’ house.

I booked tix for separate showings of FOTR EE and TT EE today. After discussion with family, we decided the risk of blood clots was too great to see all the movies in a row.

Besides, I think ROTK merits greater alertness on my part for the first viewing. More than I could give it if I’d spent the previous 7+ hours watching the first two eps.


Would this be a good idea for a guy who hasn’t seen any of these movies yet?

UGH, I can’t attend Trilogy Tuesday because of finals, so I’ve been FORCED to wimp out and watch the movies separately.

grumble grumble

At the theatre showing them by us, they gave out wristbands 3 days ahead and you got to buy tickets with a lottery system. They started with the number drawn and each person could buy 4 tickets.

My sister and some friends wanted to go so I went and got another wristband for her. They were supposed to give out 1,000 bands but didn’t even have to give out 500. I didn’t even end up buying any tickets because their number was before mine and they didn’t need them.

I think it still sold out but everybody who wanted tickets got them. Maybe I should have gotten tickets anyway and seen if anyone wanted them.

How much were the tickets for the triple showing?
Normal 3 times the price of a regular show?

Also, how long is the break between films for bathroom visits and refills on those popcorn tubs and 240 ounce colas?

The theatre by us is charging different prices depending on seating area. Even the cheapest seats are more than the price of 3 separate movies, though. I think the higher priced seats were $45 or so.

They’re saying over at TORn that “Trilogy Tuesday” tickets are now starting to show up on E-Bay, if you’re willing to get scalped, but I haven’t checked.

I’m like QtM - I want to see ROTK while I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, not all worn out after the first two movies. Besides, the geek factor is going to get a little thick during that trilogy showing . . .

I am so mad.

Then again… Qadgop has a good point, I’d rather be fully aware when I see Return of the King for the first time. I just watched FotR and TTT back-to-back last weekend, and though it was very cool, it also left me absolutely exhausted… and those were the theatrical versions!

Probably a good thing…