Schlage lock

My Schlage lock broke so I bought a new one. It is keyed entry to the garage, and I want it unlocked at all times, unless I specifically lock it at night. The new lock does not seem to allow me to do that. If I unlock it from the inside, when I turn the inside handle it opens the door but also automatically turn the button to lock, so if I run into the garage for something if I close the door I am locked out. I think this “feature” is called free egress but it is not something I like. I don’t mind the interior handle always turning but do not want it to then relock. Am I doing something wrong?

This website claims to have a solution for the problem which requires a little work and I’m sure voiding any warranty on the lockset you might have. Checking a few other web sites it is clear that lock is supposed to work the way you are experiencing.

From my reading it seems as though if the handle is unlocked that it should just open turn freely from each side but if you lock it from inside then while you can still get out the outside knob would stay locked. It seems as though whatever the position of the button it works exactly the same. If that is the case why have the button at all. The outside handle is always locked and the inside always unlocked. It seems I must be misunderstanding something.

Do you have a model number or something for that lockset? Does it have a vertical/horizontal lock button on the knob? If so, what position is it in to start with, horizontal or vertical?

If your door is locking when you exit, no matter whether it was unlocked to start with, I’ve never heard of anything like that except in a hotel room, which cannot be unlocked. Isn’t there a little instruction book with the set? No little lever or something that changes the mode?

I think you should try to return the lockset and get what you need.

The lock is a Schlage, F- series. The inside turn thing is horizontal for unlock. If it is horizontal, and I open the door from the inside, the button then switches to vertical and is then locked. The instructions that came with the lock are similar to, but less helpful than IKEA instructions.

What happens if you start with the button in the vertical position?

Yes, so that is what is also confusing me. If you start with the button vertical then both handles are locked, which is not what is supposed to happen with easy egress. I guess it could be broken, but my guess is I am just not doing something correctly, and that it is working as designed.

I have no idea, can’t find useful info from the manufacturer online. There are pages that talk about this online but they aren’t clear. I think it should do what you want when that button is in one position or the other, maybe it’s broken. Did you install it yourself?

So now I am really confused. I just watched an installation video from schlage. It says the button should be locked at horizontal, unlocked at vertical, an yet mine is the exact opposite. Horizontal it is unlocked and when I push the handle it goes vertical and is locked. So something seems rotated 90 degrees from where it should be.

Either call Schlage, or else take it to a locksmith and have them physically examine it.

Plus if the previous lock was a Schlage, they’ll probably send you the parts for the old one if you want. They did when I asked.

To too sure here but here is my guess. Something is put on wrong. Take the handle off the spindal on the inside and see if you can take the turn thin out easy. If so take it out and turn 90 degrees and put back in,then put the handle back on the spindle.

Yes, so you are correct. It all depends on the status of the lever when it is first engaged. I first engaged with it locked, so it worked perfectly backwards. Now that I I have re-assembled it works fine. While I feel stupid for not figuring it out without help, it must happen from time to time. I think there should be some type of FAQ but I could not find any. Anyway, thanks for the help.

I forgot about that on residential Schledge locks they need to be unlocked to assemble. Had it happen to me some 20 years ago. Took me a while to figure it out. But I was doing 2 doors one worked OK one did not. So I looked to see what the differances was. Normally I work on comercial locks and they are build a little better and different.