Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster Class Action Settlement

I got an email about this. Tell me what you know, please. Scam or legit?

its legit but according to this story its not worth the hassle …

On the “Active Vouchers” page, I’m listed to get 10 free general admission tickets as well as five separate $2.25 discounts. Expiration of 6/18/2020. There is no list of which events will be eligible, but I like the looks of this so far. Unless the only elegible events are Yanni and Enya…(apologies to fans of bad music or whatever classification they should really be under :slight_smile:

Legit, but a joke. The way it’s structured, Ticketmaster will get profits out of anyone attempting to use the vouchers, since they are a small discount off of each ticket, far less than the service fees. Utterly ridiculous.

My voucher page lists 10 free general admission tickets. Are you saying free will not equal free? Or, they will be “free” with a huge service fee on each ticket?

I got 17 free pairs of GA tickets which seems to be the max. It can only be used for General Admission shows on some sort of list. There are no shows on the list in my area.

It gives me an error every time I try to check for vouchers.

Same with me on the mobile site. It works for me on the regular site on my laptop.

I’m using a PC. It has an older version of Java on it though. I wonder if that’s the problem.

Here’s a link to the settlement itself.

Looks like a typical settlement, the allegedly injured parties get a handful of scrip and the lawyers get cash, a little over $16-million in this case.

As I understand it, the free tickets don’t become available unless less than a certain amount of the $2.25 vouchers don’t get used within the next 12 months.

I checked my account yesterday and I had several pairs of GA tickets, but there weren’t any concerts listed yet.

So now they have the concert list up and there are actually some shows that I’m interested in (including the Flight of The Conchords gig in Mt. View!) BUT…now the page that has my “Active Vouchers” isn’t working–apparently their servers are overloaded. Guess I should’ve saved those codes yesterday. Rats! :mad:

I got 16 pairs of tickets and 16 $2.25 vouchers. The tickets are good for 2 GA seats. Right now that means lawn seats at our local outdoor venue.

I did a test and went through the order process, and they were going to charge me $10.25 EACH for fees on top of my $25 GA tickets, but once I put in the voucher I was discounted the entire $70.50 price.

Not bad. Considering that the base GA ticket price for that venue is around $25, I could have over $1000 in vouchers here.

Not that I want to go to any of these shows. I’m pretty diverse in my musical taste but none of these speak to me:

Jun 25 Sat Rascal Flatts - Rhythm & Roots Tour
Jun 26 Sun One Hell of a Night with Joe Walsh & Bad Company
Jul 13 Wed Disturbed & Breaking Benjamin With Alter Bridge & Saint Asonia
Jul 15 Fri Keith Urban - ripCORD World Tour 2016
Jul 27 Wed G-Eazy & Logic: The Endless Summer Tour
Aug 9 Tue Blink 182
Aug 14 Sun MERRY JANE Presents Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa: The High Road Tour
Aug 24 Wed Rob Zombie & Korn: Return Of The Dreads Tour 2016
Aug 26 Fri Darius Rucker: The Good For A Good Time Tour
Aug 29 Mon Def Leppard
Sep 16 Fri Brad Paisley: Life Amplified World Tour

I offered them up to all my friends on FB (there’s no indication that you need to be present to use the tickets). Hopefully there will be more shows available in my area before next May when the vouchers expire.

There are some really good worthwhile shows in OTHER cities I would love to go to. But Cleveland is kind of hit-or-miss when it comes to great shows blowing through.

Here’s the list: Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster - Ticketmaster Blog

Yours expire in May of next year?! Mine don’t expire until June of 2020.

I finally got in to check mine. Two pairs of tickets and two discount codes.

Sounds like a good deal, except for the part about the nearest venue being over 10 hours away.


I got 6 pairs of tickets and 6 discounts.

Well you’re right, mine say June 2020. But the explanation up top says:

“Also Ticketmaster agreed to provide $5 million in ticket vouchers for select Live Nation concerts through May 2017, subject to availability and a cap of 17 claims per account. Given the tremendous initial interest for these tickets, Ticketmaster will increase to $10 million its allotment of tickets made available through May 2017. The potential for additional tickets will be based on the redemption rates of the discount and UPS vouchers.”

So…not sure what the May 2017 date is. It will take them a year to get everyone their vouchers maybe?

I am trying to buy tix for my friends but so far have only been successful in one Rascal Flatts. :-/

Not too many eligible shows in my area, but I did snag a pair of free tickets for Prophets of Rage (which I’d been considering going to anyway). I’ll have to wait and see what else opens up around here.

“General Admission to bands that can fill large outdoor amphitheaters” is pretty much the opposite of what I’m using Ticketmaster for. But, uh, thanks?

(8 or 10 of each for me, probably won’t use the fully free tickets unless they significantly broaden the venues that are available. I do not particularly feel made whole.)

They only are allowing 100 vouchers per concert. Needless to say…everything is sold out.

I had friends in line for 5 shows and I only got tickets for one.

This is BS man, they have only select shows (which I can understand) but in select cities?!?

They have literally nothing in Orlando and the closest thing I can go to are mid-week concerts in Tampa.

Boo Ticketmaster. You suck yet again