School Days

I have been getting sappy and sentimental, so I thought: “What better outlet for my nostalgia than MPSIMS?”

How many of us graduated high school alongside the same people with whom we started Kindergarten?

I grew up in a fairly small town. There were 86 students in my graduating class in high school. The majority of us had been classmates since the first day of Kindergarten. I wasn’t necessarily friends with all of them, but I knew all of them.

When I find myself thinking of my class reunion, I almost view it as more of a family reunion. There are only 2 of my classmates still in our home town. Everyone else ran like the wind, and didn’t look back.

Consider yourself lucky Chrome Toaster. I moved around so much that I ended up going to three different highschools in three different states. I hated it. Everytime I would get settled in some place my father would get a job transfer. I often wonder what my life would be like if I grown up in the town I was born in.

Not all of the people I went to kindergarten with graduated alongside with me. But, atleast one did. We went to 12 years of school together. Actually, more than one. But, I am thinking of this one guy because next week I am going back east to attend his wedding. Does this make me old and gray? Of course not. I am as young today as when I left kindergarten. Now give me back that blue crayon. I was eating it.


Oh, sorry about that, Pricciar! Hey, are you gonna eat that paste? No? Can I have it then? :smiley:

i’ve had the same best friend for twenty years…that’s priceless, we each have two sisters, so we’re kind of the brother each of us never had. i raise my beer here’s to longtime friendships!