School Loans and Credit Reports

Just curious, not to long ago I was going thru my credit report and noticed that my school loan was listed on my credit report. Right now my school loans are being deferred until I finish school. So my questions is this:

Is it normal for school loans to appear on your credit report, when its being deferred?

Yes, it is normal. It is a debt that you will eventually owe and you could potentially go out of deferrment status at any time if you dropped out of school so creditors would like to know about it even though it may be a while before you actually have to pay. If you are taking out another long-term loan, the payments may overlap sometime in the future and they need to take that into consideration.

It’s debt, and anyone lending you money (reviewing your report) shoudl know about all your debt.

Interesting…I always thought that if and when you miss a payment or such is when something like that would show up on your credit report.

Thanks for the 411.

Anecdotal - but a few friends of mine were able to buy houses while their loans were in deferment - the loans didn’t appear on their credit reports until after the deferment period was over. (And it was because of that that they were able to secure their mortgages, which would probably not have been possible had their student loan debt shown up). From my few points of data, the answer is “no, it’s not normal for them to appear.”

Many items appear although you may never miss a payment: credit card info., mortgage info., vehicle lease info., etc.