School loans = inelibigle for foodstamps?

I have a niece that is going to grad school. She recently decided to apply for foodstamps. So, she got her Stafford loan approved, but she is afraid that it will make her ineligible for foodstamps. I say she’s getting some big bucks, so what’s the deal, and she said that since it is a loan, that she will have to pay back, with interest, she’d be ill-used to be denied the foodstamp benefits.
So, will she get them, or will she be denied? She fits the cash flow situation for eligibility, and it’s only the food stamps that she’s looking for.


I’m pretty sure policies vary by state, so that will influence the answer. This resource might be helpful.

Thank you!
Per that link, I discovered that student loans are exempt.

Now, I shall go hit her up for a loan, and a meal!

Thanks again,