"School of Rock" closing credits scene question ...

Just saw the brilliant movie “School of Rock” with the ace Jack Black & was discussing the end with a girl from work. We both were happy with everything except were left pondering WHY did the bass guitarist NOT get to do a solo at the end when everyone did? Is it not traditional for bass guitarists to do solos or do you think it was just an oversight? All opinions welcome!! We’re very curious!

It’s likely a combination of reasons. Not the least of which is they wanted a girl in the band proper and had to take who they could find, ability-wise, plus they were all young kids anyway, so probably she just wasn’t up to a solo. She did seem a little shy, too.

Great movie.

Bass guitars dont do solos usually
Usually their just these short little things or sometimes the do the song intros

I looked up the bios of the kids and the guitarist and drum player could really plat their instruments, but I could not find any credits for the bass player or singers.

It appears that Rebecca Brown is a classical guitarist, so the bass specifically may not have been her forte (though she could undoubtedly fend for herself).


Keen observers will note that the lyric to AC/DC’s legendary song “It’s a Long Way to the Top (if you wanna Rock and Roll)” is actually a very, VERY adult oriented lyric - with references to all sorts of things you’d prefer children not to hear.

In that context, it’s worth pointing out that Jack Black deliberately didn’t sing at times during the song which is featured during the closing credits. He could have… but he chose not to… he chose to leave out certain phrasings - stuff like getting stoned with losers and getting the clap and stuff like that.

No bother, the song was arguably the most perfect one imaginable given the context of scene it was playing in.

Still, if you haven’t heard the original, go out and get it RIGHT NOW. It’s one of the greatest rock songs ever made - and it has arguably the most perfect electric guitar sounds ever recorded. Compared to the droll shit that passes for Rock and Roll nowadays, it’s friggin Mozart.