School selling test points rampant stupidity abounds

The paper also printed the following price list:

What a bunch of no-imagination over-reactors you all are. The simple solution that solves the “problem” is to make every test worth 1000 points or more.

Photo ops with the principal(s) and a teacher? Unless the attractiveness of middle school teachers has radically improved since my time, I can’t imagine anyone putting up $75 for that. And having that picture posted where everyone can see? Ugh, the ribbing I would’ve gotten…

On the important issue of selling grades, I find it ethically reprehensible. As a part-time college instructor (and, if all goes well, future professor), I have enough trouble with students asking me for extra credit for free. :rolleyes: If I even mentioned taking money for grades in my class, I would be out on my ass PDQ, and ABD.

I wonder what you had to pay to get transferred to another school/district?

I see no new developments. Anybody that sees something new should link to it.

What if you offered an A in the class if a student gives you $1 the first day of class, $2 the next day, $4 the next, and so on and so forth for the rest of the semester?

I attended public middle/high school in Duplin County, just south of lovely Wayne County. Our school (and the others in our county) were far more focused on sports than academics; some teachers would cheerfully admit to teaching a class such as advanced math at a lower level just so the lowest-performing kids could pass. I can remember one math teacher filling the board with various information prior to a test, such as formulas for locating the sine and cosine of a triangle…she said we wouldn’t need to know that stuff anyway. :rolleyes: Heck, there weren’t very many kids from my class who attended college.

I guess I’m not really surprised to learn that other schools in the area have a similar disregard for academics.

Well, there are worse ways to earn your good test grades.

An administrator at a school here was arrested and recently jailed for doing this exact thing. No word yet on whether they allowed her to purchase months off the length of her sentence.

Originally posted by Anne Neville:

“They need a new principal. One with some principles this time, please.”

Very politely done. Bravo.


This is a slippery slope. How long before they go from “pay us and we raise your grades” to “pay us or we lower your grades”?:eek:

If you click on the same link, the story now says that the program has been nixed by the school district.