School selling test points rampant stupidity abounds

How do you earn money for the school budget? Sell test points. A group of parents came up with idea. The school endorsed the idea. The principle doesn’t see the problem with the idea.

This makes me think that whole school system needs intense government scrutiny and a new principle.

that is hideous - that principal should be sacked and the parents should be smacked.


I am aghast.

I’m also amused that the next thread in my forum list is “Absurd things you’ve seen lately.”

If a student says, “Hey teacher. I’ll give you $20 to turn my F into a D,” that’s worthy of expulsion. But when the administration offers it, it’s just peachy keen.

I find the concept utterly reprehensible.

They need a new principal. One with some principles this time, please.

Maybe the SDMB could take this idea and run with it.

You have to pay a dollar every time you wanna use a forbidden word on/against another poster, with maybe a 20 word maximum per month per user.

This place would be rolling in dough in no time.

Mr. Belding’s looking better and better every day.

Interesting quote - I would hope that universities start notifying that school district that anyone from that middle school applying to their institutions would in the future be flagged as possibly engaging in academic misconduct. The prospect of students not being accepted to their colleges of choice would at least get the parents up in arms against this.

Do colleges actually look at middle school academic records? I thought that they don’t.

Great. Extortion at the middle school level. I have emailed the guidance counselor at the school asking her about this policy.

I would email the principal, but her email does not seem to be available.

An **ethicist at Clemson University hopes **Rosewood reconsiders its fundraising strategy.
Now there is a professional who knows how to set firm boundaries. Hope they don’t have any kids of their own.

No idea - if they don’t, they could simply threaten to extend their disapproval to anyone coming out of that school district.

Wow. I can just imagine the school’s next fundraiser: teachers pony up $40.00 to have sex with any consenting student who happens to be over the “age of consent”. :rolleyes:

Whether or not middle school records would effect college prospects, those who would benefit from this absurd concept the most are those who probably wouldn’t otherwise get good enough grades to qualify for college anyway. This buying of grades idiocy is only going to reinforce A) that they can just buy their way out of a problem, B) that grades don’t matter, because C) education is unimportant.

I really don’t understand how there can be so many levels of stupid here. Parents – who ostensibly should be concerned about their children’s future(s) – coming up with the idea is stupid. The school, and the principal – who should be concerned solely with academic success and preparing their students for higher education and the real world – endorsing this idea and seeing no problem with it is weapons-grade stupid.

Fail the whole lot of 'em. Parents too.

Now, see, this could be the beginning of a great fundraiser! Pretend your school offers this ‘feature’ (it’s sure as hell not a ‘bug’! :wink: ), then when Timmy’s folks come in with the $$ to buy their son’s grade from a D to a B, the principal gladly takes the money, hands them a receipt, and says “Congratulations! You have just proved that you are all morons! Timmy’s grade now drops from a D to an F! Thank you for your contribution, and have a good day!”

Hey, it’s not that different from what happened in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with the make-believe villain trying to bribe kids into giving him their Everlasting Gobstoppers! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe they should offer each teacher/administrator a chance to pay $5,000 to be overlooked during the investigation.

In that case, the principal should say, “You get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!”

In fact, I say that should be the test they administer. The child is to go home and tell his or her parent(s) that they can pay to improve his or her grades. If the parents do so, the child gets an F.

They should also bring back the dunce cap. And make the parents wear them.

Please, please let this be one of those “moral outrage” hoaxes.

For one thing, the school should lose its accreditation. And that in turn could affect subsequent school admissions. E.g., the whole district loses accreditation and then high school grads can’t get into a real college.

Looks like it is, now at least.

The linked article in the OP now reads “District nixes cash-for-grades fundraiser”: