Schools ban "I Love Boobies" bracelets

High school kids who felt left out when Silly Bandz were banned in elementary schools can get the same feeling about the Breast Cancer awareness bracelets that schools find too sexually suggestive:
Were I on the school board, I’d probably feel the same way. But it’s amusing nonetheless.

This is ludicrous. There’s nothing offensive about it at all. There’s no picture of boobies on it. You can say “boobies” on the radio and TV. You can even write it on a calculator.

And besides, who doesn’t love boobies?

Hmm… who wants the handle 5319009? Or do we have someone with that userid already?

It would seem there was once a 5318008, but he only ever posted twice.

And neither of those posts were about boobies.

Out of curiosity, I searched for 5318008, and find that Apple has been doing similar censoring in its apps:

Evidently, a lot of people.

I love Boobies too!

And gannets.

[Completely safe for work]

I should imagine! It’s a standard British bird.

what happens when someone comes up with a cleaver slogan about cervical cancer awareness?

Yes, we know all about your British “birds.”

Well, I don’t like the gannets. They-- they wet their nests.

I can’t buy that! It’s torn!

Some twat will try to ban it.

“When in doubt, chop it out.”

What, no love for tits?

Back in the early days of the internet, we had to deal with getting pixelated porn that was hard to find. Now kids these days can get it easily, but they still have to stand on their heads if they want to read “boobies” on their iPhones.

Has anyone verified that this is true? Because if it is, that’s really sad.

According to the article that was linked, it was in a scientific calculator app available from the app store, not from Apple itself, iirc. The stock calculator on the iPhone just has commas and a font for the letters that doesn’t lend itself well to word making.

You win the thread. :slight_smile:

It’s not sad – it’s pretty clearly a marketing ploy. They knew people would do this, and with the sensor it was easy to tell if it’s upside-down, so it was a cute app to write. Then the company itself spread the word, and got lots of free publicity in news reports.
It’s just another clever way to use boobs to sell a product.