Schools in the Baltimore/DC area that offer an MLS?

I couldn’t decide if this belonged in IMHO or GQ, but I’ll put it here just to be safe.

I’m at kind of a weird point in my life–unhappy with the track I’ve been pursuing (I’m in the first year of PhD studies in Linguistics), looking to change, exploring options–and one of the things I’m considering is starting a masters in library science. To that end, I’m trying to find and research programs. I’m looking to return to my home state of Maryland, so I need to find a program somewhere in the Baltimore/DC area. Google is not being helpful, and I really don’t know where to look for a list…

So I figured I’d ask you guys: what are some decent Library Science programs in MD? I’d probably be looking to work in the public library system somewhere once I was finished, in case that matters.

I have looked at UMCP’s program already, and I’d welcome any opinions on it, as I’ll probably be applying there if this is what I decide to do.

And while I’m at it, what’s the job market look like?

The job market is fantastic. Most government agencies (National Institutes of Health, State Department come up the most) are here, and employ librarians, as well as defense contractors and non-profits such as National Geographic, NPR, and Voice of America. Then there’s the university systems and public systems (Fairfax, Arlington, Prince Georges, D.C…)

My co-worker, a fellow librarian and graduate of the area, says “There are only two in the area. Catholic University, and the University of Maryland.”

Oh, I didn’t see that specific question before. The co-worker also says Catholic has a better reputation. I don’t know about cost issues, though.

Thanks to you and your friend!

I thought there’d be more programs, but that in and of itself is not really a problem, and now I know what I’m looking at. :slight_smile:

And here I thought you were looking for a Multiple List System. :stuck_out_tongue:

ALA has a directory of accredited programs [url=]here[/url.
The job market may be ok in the DC area, but it’s not necessarily great in other parts of the country. Take a look at e-mail lists like nexgenlib-l or newlib-l - there are people who’ve had their degree for a year or more and are still looking.

Me, I got a job three months after I finished my MSIS last spring and I love it. Most of those who graduated with me are gainfully employed as well (two aren’t. One’s still looking and the other started the Ph.D. program in Info.Science this fall.)

here is the link again.

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