Schools of reknown

We’ve all heard of Harvard and Yale, and other blue chip schools such as MIT, Rice and Stanford. But they aren’t necessarily the cat’s meow in all fields.

While my own degree hardly matters this far into my career (and it was out-of-field and from UT), it occurs to me that in the rock biz a degree from Colorado School of Mines carries as much weight as any, and more than the above named blue chips.

So what say y’all as to what schools are truly the not widely recognized heavyweights in a (your?) particular field?

My university (the University of Virginia) has an excellent computer science department, and I believe that the English department is also held in high esteem.

The University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine is second only to Harvard in research publications.

The University of Chicago is a wonderful school that all too few have heard of. Really.

I’ll second that. :wink:

And here’s a cite to back up my claim above about the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine is second worldwide only to Harvard in research publications (see page 14 of the Acrobat document which is the same as page 1 after the “Executive Summary”).

For the field I studied (English Reformation history), Oxford University has an embarrassment of riches: the top library in the subject, the best lecture series, and professors like Felicity Heal, Diarmaid MacCulloch, Christopher Haigh and Susan Brigden.

Yet there are still folks who think The Other Place ([sub]Cambridge[/sub]) is better. Misguided Tabs!