Sci-Fi and Religeon

Gene Roddenberry was an atheist.
J. Michael Straczynski (B-5) is an atheist.
Glen A. Larson (Battlestar:Galactica) is a Mormon.
Don’t know about Frank Herbert (DUNE), but assume he is well versed in Islam.
What about George Lucas?

I’ve always had the impression that most science fiction writers were atheist or agnostics, while most fantasy writers were religious, albeit usually in a Deistic, non-organized fashion. However, it’s just an impression.

Edgar Rice Burroughs took opportunities to enter a plug for atheism in many of his series, most notably in several of the Tarzan books.

I don’t know, but a lot of sci-fi fans are so into their preferences that they treat it LIKE a religion.

Well, C.S. Lewis was a devout Catholic, and we all know what L. Ron Hubbard was…TRM

You forgot Isaac Asimov, a very outspoken atheist!

C.S. Lewis wasn’t Catholic, he was Church of England.

Gene Wolfe is Catholic (that’s why so many of his books are Christian allegories)
Poul Anderson was Lutheran.


He may have been mixing up Lewis with Tolkien, who was devoutly Catholic.


That’s probably it. Sorry!:o

Total Reeking Maniac? Transparent Ridiculous Mediocrity? Thieving Raging Misanthrope?

Btw, did you hear that Larry Wollersheim finally collected from the cult bastards? Whoooo!!

There’s a whole webpage devoted to this subject:

Orson Scott Card is a member of the LDS Church.

[Jim Kirk] He did a little too much LDS back in the sixties.[/Jim Kirk]

Tim R. Mortiss, perhaps?