Sci-Fi Channel, what the Holy FRAK are you thinking?....

Since when is frelling Wrestling considered Science Fiction, yes it’s clearly FICTION, but where’s the science

Talk about completely missing your target audience, keep wrestling on the sports channels or local cable affiliates where it belongs, it DOES NOT belong on the Sci-Fi channel…

This is almost as puzzling as BattleBots on Comedy Central, at least BattleBots would have made more sense on the Sci-Fi channel…

I frelling hate wrestling, steroid-sucking muscleheads…

…please tell me that the ring will at least be invaded by Peacekeeper commandos with fully armed pulse weapons, frell, i’d be happy with a battle contingent of Scarran Warriors

If you have to have frelling wrestling on the Skiffy channel, at least have the contenders properly kitted up for skiffy channel, have a Scarran Vs Luxan match, maybe a Meatbag toaster Vs. Toaster match, John Crichton Vs. Scorpius…

Frak, at least have the contestants have a Goa’uld forehead brand thingy…

Stupid skiffy channel, looks like the morons are back in control…

Dude, you think that’s bad? I once watched an episode of Law and Order: SVU on Sci-Fi.

Yes Ecw doesn’t belong on Sci-fi just like Project Runway doesn’t belong on Bravo or L&O on A&E.

Its a mixed up, shuffled up crazy world.

I think I know why Sci-Fi is doing this. See, people who won’t normally watch Sci-Fi will now and maybe they’ll start watching for more than ECW thus increasing ratings. Not sure if it will work though.

Just a cheap ratings grab, if you ask me. With any luck ECW will die like the dog it is.

Actually, it’s spot on for their demographics. Sci-fi fans are mostly males between 18 and 35, and wrestling fans are mostly males between 18 and 35. As bad a fit as it is content-wise, I suspect it’ll be a big success for them.

I think it’s some sort of law that Law and Order has to be on every channel NBC owns.

True, but it’s not a good idea to get new viewers by pissing off their core audience…

call me a traditionalist, but the only thing on the skiffy channel should be, oh, I don’t know… SCIENCE FICTION programming…

you know, all incarnations of Trek, BSG, Stargate, Farscape, Dr. Who, heck, i’ll even give their cheesy in-house movies-of-the-week a pass, as they’re fun to mock, a-la MST3K

wrestling though?, that has no redeeming qualities, they certainly won’t be getting me as a viewer

what needs to be created is the “gullible sheep/stupid crap” channel, have it carry wrestling, cold readers, shop-at-home crap, basically a catch-all channel for all the detritus out there…

I’m not a wrestling fan, but I am amused at the assertion that wrestling is somehow of lesser quality than the crap they usually run. They’ve got some great shows… correction. They’ve got a great show, and they’ve got twenty skajillion lame-ass made for TV movies that make your average wrestling bout look like The Royal Shakespeare Company. Frankly, I don’t think they give a damn about you. They want to get more of the sort of audience that is watching their latest movie about raptors eating people on an island, or spiders eating people on a ship, or spider-raptors eating people on an island-ship. If they cared about the fans like you, they’d still be making new Farscape episodes.

Chemistry is a science, and wrestlers take steroids, so there you go.

Did Paul Heyman kill your parents or something?

Hey, ECW featured some sci-fi content. Didn’t you see “The Zombie” get his ass beat by Sandman? And what about the vampire that showed up out of nowhere?

Would I prefer that ECW be on USA? Yes. Would I prefer it be taped in a smaller arena with a more traditional ECW crowd? Yes. But at least it’s back on the air somewhere.

Oh, and by the way: “skiffy?” Lame.

Silly rabbit, it’s the Sci OR Fi channel.

Well I am a wrestling fan so now even though I think its a bizarre programming choice… I have to defend because MacTech is being a bit of a jerk about it.

We all get it now. Wrestling isn’t real. It outed itself over a decade ago. Its a show like any other show. It has characters and storylines and a lot of fight scenes. Its all over the top and built around the spectacle of it all.

I’m pretty sure their made-for-TV movies are supposed to be like a do-it-yourself MST3K kit. Just add witty comments. I’m sure there’s a few that watch it and take it seriously, but for the most part I think they’re made to be mocked.

No, it’s an ORDER!

I think Sci-fi should make the wrestling more sci-fi related. Like maybe have an entire TV show based around the Mutai fighting tournaments on Babylon 5. :smiley:

Maybe use some CGI and special effects, and have characters from different movies fight. Yaknow, maybe The Running Man vs. Sarge (from Doom 3, of course). Or at least one of the bad guys from Arena. :smiley:


Hmmm . . . I feel your pain, since The History Channel has become the “tanks an’ jets” channel, American Movie Classics no longer shows movie classics, and The Discovery Channel has become the “guys blowin’ stuff up” channel.

Seems like EVERY nice cable channel will eventually stray from its roots and become a more-or-less general programming or “ifestyle” network.

Law and Order on Sci-Fi?
NHL playoffs on Outdoor Life Network?
The tens of home improvement and “flipping” shows on TLC?

I expect that sometime before I die, I’ll be watching Monday Night Football on Lifetime, and Sopranos reruns on Nickelodeon.

Sadly, I would probably watch that.