Wrestling on SciFi Channel?

Sorry if this has already been addressed, but,

Was that wrestling I just saw on the SciFi channel the other day?

What’s the gag here?


The president of the Scifi Channel says "“Research tells us that there’s a healthy appetite for wrestling among Sci Fi viewers.”

Okay, people, would anyone here who likes to watch both the scifi channel, pro wrestling, please post on this thread to indicate this?



Of course, come to think of it, while I like science fiction, I usually find that what’s showing on the scifi channel is not to my taste. Exceptions include Battlestar Galactica, and, don’t they show the Twilight Zone on there sometimes? So while I find my taste in science fiction goes hand in hand with my dislike of pro wrestling, it may also be, for all I know, that my dislike of most scifi channel program also goes hand in hand with my dislike of pro wrestling.

I like Sci-Fi AND prowrestling. That doesn’t mean I am going to not watch one on the other’s network just out of spite.

But yes, it is weird.

This is the new ECW, a (re-) start-up organization. I haven’t seen the new one yet, but the old version was a lot more over the top than WWE. It aired on the “Nashville Network” (before it became “The National Network,” then later "Spike TV).

Who knows. Maybe they’ll have a New Jack/Gypsy Joe rematch.:eek:

SciFi and Wrestling both target a young, male audience primarily. McMahon is trying to recapture (unsuccessfully) the magic that was ECW, SciFi wants more people viewing their channel (to cross-promote their in-house items). It’s not like AMC (American Movie Classics) only shows classic movies.

Here’s the previous SciFi Smackdown.

Not 'zactly. This version of ECW is being run by WWE as another “brand” like RAW and Smackdown.

Wrestling fans ain’t exactly thrilled with the show being on SciFi either, but the show is drawing very good ratings for the network so far.

Why wouldn’t they be? A channel is a (EC)F’N(W) channel. I could see them not being thrilled because Vinnie Mac is the guy in charge, but to be not thrilled by a specific channel. Are some people so shallow that they care whether it’s on USA, SciFi, or Lifetime Movies? Sabu’s still going through tables, and Sandman’s still caning people.

Well, it’s pretty much the nerd factor. This version of ECW has introduced a vampire gimmick that some wrestling fans see as pandering to the SciFi audience.

I think some of the SciFi audience could come to appreciate the ECW product…just tell them it’s not really wrestling…it’s a Klingon wedding.

My husband is both a sci-fi geek and a wrestling fan, though he’s definitely a “smart mark”. That said, he feels this incarnation of ECW is a pale, sad imitation of the real thing. Personally, I’d only want to watch if Cylons annihilated the entire McMahon clan (minus Shane, whom I deem fit to live).

Shane? Nah, kill HHH, spare Steph, but permanently damage her vocal cords.