Sci Fi Gadgety names

I need to think up some sci-fi sound names for weapons and doo dads.

I thought of an Ionic Gun and then realized that I got Ionic from my hairdryer and would be essentially giving the Evil Oppressor a cut and style :slight_smile: Well, they have helmet hair…
I know that there is a gaggle of dorks…errrr…geeks here who live, breath and eat Sci Fi books. Supply me with gadgetry names, please or I’ll blast you with my hairdryer.

Mnemonic whip. Similar to a neuronic whip, but you remember the hurt instead of bearing a physical wound.

I think you might find random technobabble generators online - I’ve seen them in various print forms. If you had some specifics of what this is for or what he devices being named “do”, then I could probably help more directly…

Are we talking Star Trek technobabble, Pulp Scifi technobabble, something else entirely?

Cathode ray gun. Makes you feel like Bonzo won the presidency.

Let’s not ignor our own Scalar weapons!

Model Number 1920-SDR ?

Never forget the proto-sonic accelerator. :smiley:

Incompetant DNA?
Electrothanasia Ray (This was used in the very first Superman cartoon)
Electropyrotechnology (From an Uncle Scrooge comic)
Calcinator Death Ray (Robot Monster)

The Boron-Iridium Necrolyser (Turns the target into… a Zombie!)

Basic Technobabble Generator

Another one, mucho better
My personal favorite has always been :Ossilation Overthruster

Tachyon Pulse Emitter
Electrostatic Solar Array
JP Anti-Mag
Multi-Scrying Screen

Charge Suppression Pistol–basically a disintegrator gun. If they’ve been around for a while, call them chasps.

Sliver Gun (I’m a bit tired of the term “needler”.)–Fires a variety of drugs or toxins embedded in slivers of soluble crystal (maybe salt or sugar). Offers interesting possible variations on “out of ammo”. The simple version would use highly compressed air. A fancier version would use charged crystals and an electric field to accelerate them. If you need something that will jam at a critical moment, an electromagnetic launcher could accelerate the crystal in a magnetic “cup”, sort of like a high-tech slingshot (this version should be louder than the other two). The sliver gun provides a nonlethal alternative, if you need one. Kindly refrain from having the drug/poison work instantly.

Synaptic Disruption Field–This is more of a restraint device than a weapon, handy for keeping prisoners from planning an escape. It causes low-level interference with synaptic impulses, disrupting higher-level brain function without killing. A helmet model could be used during prisoner transport. Of course, if you want to question someone, you’ll have to turn off the field…

If you have a specific goal in mind, it would be easier to come up with an appropriate widget.

Acme Disintegrator Gun (“When it disintegrates, it really disintegrates.”) :wink:

Plasweb grenades - a nonlethal containment device, a launcher-propelled (or hand thrown) grenade that explodes on contact with the ground at a person’s feet (or any other hard surface nearby), splashing them with fast-setting, very sticky plastic webbing.

Flechette Pistols are a personal favourite (though they are lifted from the Cyberpunk 2020 rulebooks, so that’s a bit of a grey area there). Tiny, hollow darts are fired using a liquefied gas system, with the ammo able to be filled with toxins/drugs of various sorts. Kind of like the sliver gun offered by Balance

Roleplaying source books, especially CP2020 and Shadowrun are great places for ideas. Stealing weapon/gadget names is not the best idea, but certainly they’re great for inspiration, and you’ve then got a base to tailor your own ideas around.

I’m afraid that Sliver Gun is already in-use. It describes a form of pistol which fires slivers of pellets like a shotgun. Short-range, extremely deadly, highly illegal.

Good idea, though!

In various RPG campaigns I tended to use “Photon Cannon” a lot. I thought it sounded better than “Laser”.

One I came up with that I liked was the SPARC Warhead. (Stands for Spontaneous Proton Annihilation Reaction Catalyst, for when your target absolutely, positively has to be destroyed.)

Along a similar line there was the Phoenix Reaction Trigger.
Of course, nothing will ever beat the Lazy Guns from Against a Dark Background.

I always rely on my Dynamic Mode Complicator. Makes even the simplest tasks very difficult.

An Aphasic Ray Gun is nice. Anybody hit by it can’t speak coherently. Victims claim that it is Nukyular-powered.

No it doesn’t. It simply induces a temporary catatonic state.

Shirley Ujest Do you have any specific ideas? Or do you just want us to throw out suggestions?

GURPS Ultra-Tech is the best compedium of sci-fi gadgets I’ve read; you should look it up even if you don’t play the game.

I say thee nay. If you want true scientific genius, pick up WhiteWolf’s Mage The Ascencion, Tradition Book-Sons Of Ether, and The Guide To The Technocracy.

Another trick is, you don’t have to completely name anything. For example, I never talk about my Windows-based Personal Computer, it’s my computer, my PC, or my gaming box. I don’t drive a Honda brand gasoline combustion-powered automobile, Accord model, I drive my car, my Accord, or more commonly my Ivory Destrier (Slayer of Tires and Master of Chaotic Alignment).

Need a cool name for a gun? Just make up something that sounds cool. It’s a J9. What does J9 mean? It means that kind of gun. That console over there controls the Diamond Maggie. What’s that short for? Who knows? Come up with the cool name and worry about what it means later, if ever.