Sci-fi readers help me!

Some many years ago, when I was about 10 I started reading a sci-fi novel about a group of people, unconnected apparently, who find themselves abducted and wake up on a spacecraft. All I remember is that every person has a trunk under their bed filled with their ‘bent’. There’s a guy with a truck full of porn, another person has a trunk full of grog. Can anyone help me with the name of this bloody book? :smack:

Ooooh - I’m about to be so unhelpful, but I think I know the book you’re talking about - except that I don’t remember the title or author either! Salient points that I recall: there were two guys and two girls … eventually they find themselves on a planet somewhere where they have to survive for themselves.

I’m thinking John Brunner here. That would be what we know colloquially as a ‘Wild-Ass Guess’ however

That sounds like Transit by Edmund Cooper.

Heh. Well that’s definitely the unnamed book I was thinking of

Pffft. Who doesn’t? :wink: