Sci-Fi Story Identification Needed

Okay, back in the late 80s there was a story in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine which was about a used car salesman being elected President of the US. The story was about him, a French weapons dealer and the whacked out leader of some Mid-East nation. The Mid-East leader has the President kidnapped and through extensive use of hashish causes the President to be turned into a sex maniac, and then releases the President. The Vice-President is an African-American who reminds one of Chris Rock. The French arms dealer sells the Mid-East leader some old US F-111 planes that he’s converted into cruise missiles. Needless to say, the whole Mid-East region turns to shit when the “missiles” are unveiled. Israel launches her nukes, the Mid-East leader launches his, and one of the Mid-East leader’s nukes gets re-directed by the French arms dealer so that it hits the French Rivera (instanly turning the huge plots of land inland that the arms dealer had bought with his profits from the sale into beachfront property). All the Mid-East oil fields catch fire, and the world seems headed for disaster when the story ends. Anybody remember this one?

Are you sure you didn’t just halucinate it? :smiley:

Which is my way of saying, so sorry, can’t help ya.

Well, thanks for the bump. Considering the climate right now, I’m surprise more people haven’t heard of the story.