Sci-fi technology you'd love to have in your house?

After watching one of my Farscape DVDs last night, I realized that I would LOVE to have a few DRDs in my house to do some basic housekeeping and to fix things up around the house, do some electrical work, etc.

Got me thinking of other sci-fi technology I’d like to have in my house.

A stargate from Stargate(duh) - easily transporting me to visit family or to NYC for the weekend.

A replicator from Star Trek - to cut down on cooking time. I’d still want to cook some, but this would be for quick, easy, healthy dinners at night.

Anyone else?


A holodeck, of course. I’m sure the purpose is obvious.

I want a Tardis. With a chameleon circuit! (Do they come with a sonic screwdriver? If not, I want one of those, too.)

A Phaser would be nice. But I need a charger. They never show those.

A roll each of Nivenworld superconductor, and Sinclair Monofiliment, please. The large rolls. And one of those stolen Kzinti military technology portable medical kits for humans. While you are at it, get me a Slaver Stasis field generator, fairly small, with the switch on the outside. Oh, and don’t forget the variable knife!


A phaser would make cleaning my apartment much easier.

I’ll take a TARDIS, too. And then stop paying rent - just get a parking spot.

Most of the other SF stuff I want is now available. Just not at my income level.

A transporter, of course. The uses are endless, particularly since if I have one then so would most chain stores and you’d never have to set foot in one to do your shopping, and then there’s the “Let’s have lunch in London” factor.

While the previously mentioned items would be nice, I’ll hold out for a refresher.

an Infinite Improbability Generator, an SEP Generator, and a Babel Fish and i’d be happy (i already have a towel so i’m set there)

besides, with an IIG, i could create any other sci-fi stuff by just keying in the Improbability Factor, want a TARDIS, figure out it’s Improbability level and “WHOP!” it’s there in front of you

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished, while on long, boring trips, for a transporter. Yes, I know, “getting there is half the fun” - sometimes. But think of how much of your life you lose to the long drive or interminable plane ride, when you could just pop into the transporter and emerge at your destination muy pronto. That’d be great.

A Maker. Just keep it off the weird machine drugs.

A sex droid. Duh.

Oh, good point. I was going to say “video phone”, but they’re available; plus, somebody else has to have one…

I want a flying car in the garage. Oh, and a garage, too, but that’s not particularly sci-fi.

Let’s see…

A holodeck, for the obvious reasons…

One of those “Kzinti military technology portable medical kits for humans” that Triskadecamus mentioned.

The “do anything” “remote control” from Fractal Paisely. I’ll be careful about using it ( Man : When will it stop ? Remote : “How big is this planet ?” )

Iron Man’s armor.

A TARDIS; exploration time ! Not to mention, the fun I could have in history while wearing my Iron Man suit : “OK, Genghis, if you wanna conquer anybody, you gotta go through me first !” :slight_smile:


In order to recreate Sherlock Holmes plots? :wink:

I’ll just take a Galaxy-class starship and use that as my house. :slight_smile:

I’ll take a Star Trek TNG Tri-Corder. They could find most anything. I’ll also take a Vorlon space cruiser. Those were awesome!

Perhaps if the other thing ever gets boring.

A robot. A girl robot. :smiley:

Put in another vote for a holodeck.

And WHY has no-one yet suggested a lightsaber?

Someone already mentioned a holodeck. Who needs the robot? :wink:

'Cause ain’t none of us no Jedi, is why. :stuck_out_tongue:
Woo hoo! Triple negative!