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I had one of the ER doctors I work with go down right in front of me. We were walking and talking as she was heading to an exam room and I was briefing her on the case and next thing I know she’s on the floor. Another tech was next to us and we both went after her, ready to start rescue efforts while calling 911 if needed. She managed to look up after a few seconds (the pain knocked the wind out of her and she couldn’t speak right away) and tell us she was fine, just her sciatica.

That is really not a cool thing.

Been there, and can relate. Do you have some stretches you can do? I had a physical therapist help me out with some difficult to do, but very helpful stretches.

Mine’s due to stenosis. Gabapentin has been a lifesaver.

Facet joint injections left me pain free for more than three years.

Of course now that my back has woken from it’s peaceful slumber, yeah OWWWWW :frowning:
I’d rather have another kidney stone! Also, it’s kinda cool to figure out exactly which nerve at which root is causing the pain, I’m a L5.

CMC fnord!

Gabapentin – *up to 12,000 mg a day *(!) – had no effect on my stenosis. Nor any other painkiller. I need spinal surgery.

For reasons I’ve only recently read some studies about, my doctors have always downplayed my pain and have never, ever prescribed me anything for it, despite 20 years of suffering. I was prescribed Gabapentin while in the hospital for Bell’s Palsy a year ago (which I really didn’t need and didn’t use). I have been breaking the law these last two days because fuck that noise, the Gabagabagoo allows me to function.

Have appointment with my latest GP for next week. We’ll see if I can get him to prescribe it to me. In spite of my “addict face”.

addict face?

For some reason all 7 of my primary doctors over the last 20 years have never prescribed me narcotics or painkillers of any kind because of their addictive qualities and how I’d be much better off with extra strength Tylenol or Aleve. One doctor did prescribe some Celebrex but that did nothing and I stopped taking it after two weeks.

Apparently I have a face that looks exactly like someone who’ll get addicted to prescription medicine.

Ouch. I had little to no pain relief at 12,000 mg. I started getting actual relief at 15,000 mg a couple of years ago. I’m now up to 24,000 mg. That’s as high as the Dr is willing to take it. After that, surgery will be in order for me, too, I guess.

I’m not a sufferer, but my mother is. My sympathies.

Seriously, try a physical therapist. Medical doctors can only do so much-- proscribe drugs or recommend surgery. I know there is a lot of “woo” out there, but there are good PTs, if you can find them. Get a recommendation from someone you trust.

Second that. 13 years ago I had severe back pain and could not walk on my left foot, and all but had to drag myself to a doctor than an x-ray and was diagnosed with sciatica then to a PT. I remember in order to drive, I had to lean the car seat all the way back, lay down and drive that way!

The physical therapy saved my life; after one week of not being able to sit or stand, but three PT sessions I was able to function at work again. Admittedly, there were painkillers and anti-inflammatory that week as well, but Im convinced the PT exercises are golden because I use them any time my back acts up, and they work. I kept up the PT for 6 more weeks and then decided I was good as new. Most insurance will cover it.

I also had PT for a right knee that went toes up on me 8 years back and I couldn’t walk on it; same deal, 4 weeks of PT with some anti-inflammatory and I was back to 100%.

Get the physical therapist: science wont fail you my friend

John, can you elaborate on the exercises your PT had you do? I had a bout with this a couple months ago that I only survived because I have the opposite of addict face.

I was going to say “go see a PT” but John Mace beat me to it :slight_smile: I had a rather serious lower back injury years ago which no non-narcotic painkiller (even gabapentin) would touch. My job requires standing/moving for 8+ hours a day, which I simply couldn’t do. PT is what saved me.

Exercises? Memory tells me a lot of them concentrated on my core muscles so my back muscles wouldn’t take the burden of holding all my weight in its weakened state. I believe there were also leg exercises, too, to loosen the muscles there so they wouldn’t go into rigid emergency mode when the sciatica traveled down it. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific – it was awhile ago.

When my surgeon discharged me from the hospital a week after a complicated gallbladder surgery he told me to take Tyelonol for pain. I looked him in the eye and said, “fuck that.”

I told him that if he was serious, I’d purchase effective pain meds on the street. I even told him the street corner where (I guessed) it could be done. And I told him that if arrested, I’d be sure to make noise about my doctor being unwilling to help in the management of my postop pain.

He wrote a prescription for more than I needed.


According to thispaper published in 2005, most causes of sciatica are either disc related or due to piriformis syndrome. There are other causes, but those seem to be the 2 major culprits.

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The doctor who first diagnosed me almost 25 years ago told me the sciatic nerve has a sheath it’s supposed to go through in your butt muscle and it appeared my nerve either missed the sheath or is not seated properly in it. He also told me ain’t no surgery gonna fix it.

That’s pinformis for ya.
P.S., why am I up at 4 in the morning? Because I can’t fucking lay down. Sunuvabitch.