Science fiction movie ID help

I’m sitting with my mother and my sister, who are fondly remembering something they refer to as “The flying CD movie.” According to them, it’s an old science fiction movie they saw several times on television several years ago, and all they remember about it is that the villains threw ‘something like CDs’ as a weapon. “But like ninjas,” says my sister. My sister says that the villains were space aliens, my mother says, “Or maybe they were some sort of evil scientists.” My sister remembers the movie as being “dark, and bluish, in general,” and “the CDs were in some kind of gravitational box or something.” Mom says, “bluish? Weren’t we watching in black and white?”

Would it be Dark Angel/I Come in Peace, starring that mainstay of groggy late night television, Dolph Lundgren?

This will answer the question: The alien says “I come in peace”, and Lundgren replies:

[spoiler]“You go in pieces!”

Yep, ya just don’t get dialogue like that anymore.[/spoiler]

My sister and my mother say that “I Come in Peace” sounds familiar, and that’s almost certainly the right answer. Thank you so much for solving this little family problem; I’m just happy that it’s one that I’ve never even heard of, and so I don’t have to feel embarrassed.

My first thought, although my most vivid memory is of those big blow-stuff-up guns. It was nice to see an alien weapon that was more impressive than the standard colored beam that leaves a scorch mark. One wonders why the aliens that use the latter don’t just steal some human weapons and do some real damage.

That’s weird I would have thought it was Phantasm.

Phantasm was a ball/sphere type object, with little implements that would pop out.

Someone has got to do the following parody of the scene in the first Harry Potter movie, where Quidditch captain Oliver Wood shows Harry the different Quidditch balls: he releases a Bludger only to have it sprout a barbed spike and impale itself onto someone’s forehead.