Science Fiction short story/novelette publications

So I’ve written a story. A few actually. Anyway, one I want to get published. I sent it off in December and seven weeks later received a form letter rejection. YAY! Screw that, it’s getting published. I want to send it off again. I want to send more stories off when I feel they’re ready for publication as well. The question is: where?
Nearly every place I look has outdated information as to publications available. Quite a few magazines closed shop in 1999 and 2000.
Sure, there’s Omni. They pay 10 times the going rate and have 100 times the submittal rate. While I wouldn’t mind getting a nice paycheck over my stories, really, that’s secondary to being professionally published by a respected magazine.
There’s also Asimov and Analog. Too bad about Science Fiction Age, I liked that one.
So this is part factual and part IMHO. What’s available? What, in your opinion, is a good and respectable publication?

One of the best sources for market news these days is Paula Fleming’s market list at

Also, the Market List use to be excellent. They went on hiatus but seem to be coming back. (

There’s also Spicy Green Iguana (

There’s also Speculations ( You can also find some good information on writing and marketing SF from SFWA (

And Omni closed up shop ages ago, both on paper and online. Ellen Datlow is now doing a webzine at the Sci-fi channel website ( and paying what she did at Omni.

As far as quality of publications, any hard copy zine that pays over 3 cents a word is just fine (it’ll also let you join the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America).

Webzines are more iffy in quality.

Omni closed up shop too? See…that’s the problem with speculative fiction nowaday. Large fanbase, no support. No wonder I couldn’t find them in any bookstore. I had read about them a few years ago, but never got a chance to view their publication.

Webzines are iffy. Call me old fashioned, but I’d much prefer the paper variety when it comes to solid reading. Not that I wouldn’t mind an online publication if that’s what it came down too, I just want to find a good one.

I just want to find a publisher that is well respected within the Sci-Fi magazine community, like Tor and Del Ray are within the Sci-Fi novel industry.

Your first link didn’t work, but your second one was just what I was looking for RealityChuck. Thanks. Any other help out there?

“Well respected”? You know, you’re asking for a lot here. You’ve never been published before, right? What makes you think that you can get a story published in a top market? There aren’t very many of them, and even science fiction authors who have been publishing for a while accept that every once in a while a story that doesn’t get accepted in any of the pro magazines will have to be published in a semi-pro one if it’s to be published at all.

In any case, the top magazines are Asimov’s, Analog, Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Interzone. (Um, I don’t see F & SF listed in the website Market List. RealityChuck, have I missed something? Has it gone under recently?) These four magazines constitute the clear majority of the stories selected for Gardner Dozois’s Best of the Year anthologies, for instance. Other well respected markets are the original anthologies (in paperback novels), of which there are perhaps a dozen published each year, but most of those don’t accept unsolicited submissions. As a new writer, you’re eligible for the Writers of the Future contest, if you don’t mind being published by the Scientologists.

Start with the top markets, work your way down the list, and be happy with whoever publishes your story. Keep writing and keep submitting. Good luck!

The link to Fleming’s market list works if you leave off the final period:

F&SF is alive and well, though it was recently sold to its editor, Gordon Van Gelder, and is now published at a new address. It also may be listed under its official title “Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.”

When I say well respected, I mean something better than a fanzine with a circ. of 500 that accepts any submission no matter how terrible it is. Yes, this would be my first publication for a story, however I don’t want to aim low just to get my foot in the door.
Writers of the Future would be fine with me. I’m not a scientologist, nor do I particularly care for most of Hubbard’s works, however I do respect him as a writer. I think his compilations provide a great opportunity for fledgling writers.

Funny you two should mention F&SF. While going through the list last night, that one struck me as being one of my best opportunities and I bookmarked the site for future reference.
Thanks for your help. Sigh, to wait until April for an answer…