Science Magazine says Dope is fun

Since I haven’t seen this mentioned on the Board, I thought I would bring it to your attention.

Science magazine, published by the American Acadamy for the Advancement of Science, and the most prestigious science journal in the U.S., recently recommended the Straight Dope to its readers in its “Netwatch” column (Science 291:795, 2 Februrary 2001).

Although Science is a bit sniffy about Cecil’s disdain for footnotes, it’s still a pretty good recommendation.

Just thought everyone would like to know.

That’s great! Thanks for bringing this to the attention of our members. Publicity like this is always good news.

Oooh, the world’s scientific elite are now aware of our presence. Excellent.

Now questions I’d normally answer will be explained elegantly by people who didn’t drop out of grad school. Damn.

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Who’s this Adam character? :slight_smile: Kind of unusual to see Science get a name wrong - or is that your own typo?

My typo, so sorry! Science correctly has “Cecil Adams’s.” I see I also misspelled “Academy.” :o

I can spel, I jsut cant’ tpye.

Hey, whadya mean “now.” I been reading the Straight Dope for years! :smiley:

Me too. I use my Nobels as bookends for my Cecil library.

I use my Nobels as trivets.