Science magazine

I’ve seen a few articles online about a new early tetrapod humerus that was recently described in a paper in Science. I am currently wondering why I have only seen issues of Science (or Nature or any other technical science magazine) in libraries, and never in places where magazines are sold. Of course they are very specialized, but that it true of many magazines. Have the publishers tried selling individual issues in stores, but failed?

I used to be a “Science” and “Nature” (as well as “JAMA” and “Lancet” and many other magazines) subscriber. Professional journals like that are geared towards a tiny audience, in mass media terms, and I cannot imagine issues of the JAMA flying off of the shelves at 7-11 or Wal-Mart. Many of them come as a “benefi” of belonging to their related professional society, and are enver intended to be mass-market publications.

That having been said, I think I have seen Science for sale at Barnes and Noble, but am not certain.

I’ve seen them at bookstores, like Una mentioned. Most places don’t carry them simply because they’re expensive (~$10 per issue), they aren’t really mass-market titles, and people that do read it tend to have subscriptions or access to a University library or journal service.

Most good bookstores with a large magazine section will have a few copies of the big 2 (Science and Nature) though.