Scientific Pioneer Passes On

Christmas is a day marked by joy, love, and cherishing. We should extend those feelings to one Mr. Grote Reber. In a 1937 Illinois backyard, Reber constructed the first radio telescope dedicated to astronomy. In 1939, he received the first radio contact from outer space. His contributions in this remarkable field have allowed for the discovery of such cosmic entities as quasars, pulsars, and the remnant glow of the Big Bang. A more encompassing understanding of the cosmos has been acquired, thanks to his innovative efforts.

Certainly his input into this field will not go unknown, as we must extend the solace of Christmas joy to his mourning family this holiday. Grote Reber was 90 years old. May he rest in peace.


Nothing much I can say, except: there goes another amazing life.


How many backyard “hobbiests” are there like him today? And how many of them have contributed to the some total of human knowledge. It’s guys like him that remind us scientific discoveries don’t have to come from some white suited guy in a lab.

Here’s a link to another article, with a picture. Apparently the man was a ham radio operator, and the American Radio Relay League published an obit about him.

Facinating article about a fascinating man.