Scientology vs. Freemasonry: Nice try, buttwipe...


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Are you trying to subtly insinuate that the “misconceptions” about $cientologists are equivalent to the the legends that surround the Freemasons? That all the tales of highly trained attack lawyers and celebrity shakedowns are just another urban legend?

Tellya what, when the $cientologists open their first Burn Center or Crippled Children’s Hospital, let me know, OK? Somehow, I’m more inclined to believe that the next time I hear about these bastards, it will be in relation to another phony “counseling” scam for people traumatized by the Columbia tragedy, not unlike the one set up after the terrorist attacks.

Goddamn buncha evil fraudulent fucksticks! These people are proof that the discharge of vaginal yeast infections can achieve sentience AND get Federal tax-exempt status.

Oh and by the way, in the off chance that you WEREN’T trying to drop a subtle piece of moral relativism, do a fucking board search, eh? There have been plenty of Freemasonry threads, as you saw from friedo’s post.



Well, or he could just be curious about Freemasonry, and, because he’s new or something, just didn’t do a board search. People ask questions that have already been discussed all the time. It’s probably a bad thing to do, but it happens.


I really don’t see anywhere that anyone in that thread compared $cientology with Masonry. True, an individual calling itself “Scientology’s” is asking about masonry, but I don’t see a comparison being made.

Unless it’s in secret writing, and I have not yet achieved the necessary rank to reed it…

Hey The_Raven

Please allow me to play Devil’s Advocate here for a minute. I’m going to give Scientologist (the OP in the thread referenced here) the benefit of the doubt and assume that he (and I’ll stick with “he” until told otherwise) merely wanted his ignorance fought. Maybe he genuinely wanted to know.

Can we fight ignorance around here without accusing those who want their ignorance fought of ulterior motives?


Hmm Where did that 's come from? odd…

I don’t get it.

The OP of the linked thread was asking questions about the Freemasons. It’s common to hear absurd claims about secret societies and it’s apparent he merely wanted to know the straight dope. So what’s the problem?

Raven, I have no reason to love or even respect scientology (the cash and life stealing psudo-science) but have seen no reason to disrespect Scientologist the poster. I can’t see anything this thread will accomplish save making those who warn against the dangers of L.Ron look like a pack of frothing hate mongers.

Oh and by the way, in the off chance that you WEREN’T trying to subtly make scientology look like victims of slander, do a fucking board search, eh? There have been plenty of I hate $cientology threads.

Sometimes things really are black and white…

Freemasons = good
$cientologists = bad

$cientology really is dangerous, we need to make sure everyone knows that, especially those who are about to be suckered in. Rumours about freemasonry are largely just conspiracy theory gone too far, there’s no basis in them. $cientology’s true nature is well documented, thanks to sites like, unfortunately, $cientologists aren’t allowed to look at that site or others like it, so they get suckered in. Those sites use records from actual court cases that have been verified by $cientologists, it’s not just rumour or hostility, it’s truth. So there’s no comparison between the truth being exposed about $cientology and the rumours that have flowed about freemasons.


From what I just read, the only mention of Scientology was the poster’s name. It sounds like he had some questions about Freemasonry.

He may have chosen that name as a joke. Unless you hear him spouting off about Scientology, I’d suggest you ask the mods to close this, post haste.

Allow me to contribute to the white noise about the nastiness of Scientology. I urge anyone seriously considering it to research the truth completely first. It is a terrible, awful group, as bad as they come. For your own sake understand what you are getting into BEFORE you join.

I think you’ll find that most people agree with you in that respect, Bongy.


Doesn’t it seem a bit coincidental that Scientology’s post posed the same questions about Freemasonry that are commonly asked about $cientology? The idea of hiding the really weird stuff until you’re deep within the system? Worshiping strange gods?

It really struck me as an attempt at moral relativism. He/she was trying to equate a “secret society” that actually does good in the world, regardless what other age-old sinister rumors float around them, with a “religion” that defrauds, misleads, and harms people who want nothing more than to make their life better.

Maybe it’s just coincidence, and I misread the intent, but I doubt it…


P.S. Thank you for your input Guinastasia. I don’t think this thread needs to be closed.

Could be. That’s actually my own suspicion. But pitting someone over a suspicion is considered bad form. If he really has the agenda you suspect, sooner or later there’ll be the “Gotcha!” post where he trys to draw real parrallels between Scientology and Freemasonry, and that’s when you pit the fucker. Doing it now just makes you look like an asshole.

I’ve seen a few posts by Scientology, the poster, and I don’t recall any of them being about Scientology, the religion. I read the thread you linked to, and I took it to be a genuine attempt to remove some of his or her own ignorance.

If you can give us links to posts where Scientology has posted about the religion, I’ll give what you claimed some credence.


This thread is utterly ridiculous. Scientology has posted about Scientology exactly twice. Once to say that Scientology was like the X-Files, and the other was a dismissive response when someone recommended a book by L. Ron to him.

In the thread Is GWB a Freemason?, Scientology said:

Doesn’t sound like someone with a hidden pro-Scientology/anti-Freemason agenda to me.

A bit of basic research would have helped before you started this thread, The_Raven.

Scientologist, not Scientology. :smack:

Yeah, I read those two threads. I would be deeply surprised if Scientology was actually a Scientologist. Real Scienos just don’t act that flippantly about their religion. They’re fanatics who believe everything LRH ever said, or that they’re told he said.

Plus, the guy doesn’t even spell “Dianetics” correctly.