scietist say pregnacy is actually contagious......

remember the old myth about womens monthly cycles syncing up?

well according to this it actually happens for pregnancies
although one could say calling it contagious is a bit much…

Well, you can certainly catch it from close contact with other people…

My pary are with the fathers who conscevd their chrilden. I am truley sorry for your lots.

At last we know how is babby formed

I don’t know if it is contagious, but it is most certainly hereditary: If your parents don’t have any children, chances are you won’t either.

my grandma used to call I t "lambing in the spring/summer " when the younger church ladies would have 3 or every year

Am I missing a joke? Is the atrocious spelling in this thread intentional?

I was assuming it was a riff on the “How is babby formed?” meme which also features uncertainty about the causes of pregnancy and bad spelling.

The OP and title are spelled like that because nightshadea, but the other misspellings are from this video: “How is babby formed?” which is, in turn, derived from a 2006 Yahoo! Answers question.

Personally, I prefer this video: “how is prangent formed” and its sequel “Curse of the Weggy Board”

Well, my cousins and I all came in “sets”, if that makes sense. Every time one aunt would get pregnant, another would at the same time. It was a joke in our family.

There’s something in the water, I always heard.

3 every year? Wow, big families.

Is that what your parents told you when you asked where babies come from?