Scoody Doo...Where Are You?

Is it just me?
I loved this show when I was a kid, my kids are nuts about it…it rocks!
I didnt realize how popular it was till I did a search on the net…cool.

I also saw a recent series about the gang when they were all kids.It was good, but the series they did about the 13 ghosts with ‘vincent van ghoul’ that was pretty lame, and that little Scrappy was awful…
But the new/well recent anyway movie : Scoody Doo on Zombie Island was great, and really friggin scary!
What about you guys…who was your fave of the gang…best villain…scariest episode etc.
personally I like the one where they find the glowing seaweed- classic!

Rock on, Mystery Machine!

kelli, much as I enjoy reading your many posts, I must reply by saying I hate SD. To me it epitomizes the dregs of limited animation that plagued 70’s animation.

Take a look at Scoob and the gang running from this week’s fake monster. It’s the same damn animation, dropped onto a different background. Couldn’t they have taken the time to draw it a little different just one time?

And the lame villains! It was always someone wearing a mask. I mean, come on! I know it was a kid’s show, but even as a kid I felt my intelligence was being insulted.

You might be interested (or horrified) to learn that a live-action Scooby-Doo movie is in the works. Scooby would probably be created by CGI, but the rest of the gang would be live-action. It boggles the mind.

I liked the old Scooby Doo, but not the new one. In part, this is because the old one taught some skepticism (there never really were ghosts or goblins, just somebody pulling a hoax for whatever reason), while the new one is quite different in that regard.

For anybody interested, there is an article at this site discussing this issue, although you’ll have to page down a few times (or search for “Scooby”) to get to it:

*The older Scooby Doos- Any episode where they pull two masks off the bad guy at the end.
*The Not-quite-as-old Scooby Doos ( celebrities guest starring…)- Harlem Globetrotters and Batman & Robin were highlights. Phyllis Diller and Sonny & Cher were lowlights.
*Scooby Doos featuring Scrappy- No redeeming qualities.
*A Pup Named Scooby Doo- Pretty good, sometimes a little too corny. Red Herring was a good addition to the mix. Extra points for returning to the original formula that endeared the series to me.

I dont recall & robin on there…

Who do you suppose they will cast to play ‘the gang’??

david b…went to the site you mentioned…it explains alot about you too… :slight_smile:

Well, I’m glad you went. :slight_smile: Hadn’t you gone to any of the other sites I’ve listed over the various threads (like the alternative medicine one over in Great Debates)? If so, those would’ve probably told you a lot about me as well. :smiley:

I cannot deal with Scooby Doo. They are all the flippin’ same. Yargh! A Pup Named Scooby Doo is annoying as well…what’s with all these characters as kids, anyway? Everybody’s doing it (Muppets, Disney, everybody!), and it’s dull. The best thing Scooby ever did was give a funny ending to the first “Wayne’s World.” Remember that? :slight_smile:

Never could stand it. Everyone was so stupid, I realised it even as a child! I have to admit, though. I’m the spitting image of Velma. E-mail me for photographic proof!

I would have enjoyed it more, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids and their blasted dog…

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Yeah, it’s a little wierd how EVERY time it turns out to be a hologram projector or a guy in a sheet or Big-Foot suit, and yet each time they are still scared shitless.

My little 6 and 1/2 year old pal noted to me the other day, though, that the villians are almost invariably men. He was indignant, finding this to be a grave injustice toward his gender, and vowed to write some Scooby Doo episodes with villianous women.

Yeah, but who would have thought thirty years ago when it was made every third guy in the country would look like Shaggy?

OOOOOh… Daphne!

{I’d add more, but what’s the point!}

I liked when they combined Johnny Bravo and the Scooby Doo gang on one episode. Daphne spent the entire time fending off JB’s usual suave and debonair pick-up attempts. Hilarious.

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

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Aw man, you are talking to the premier fan of Scooby Doo

I was the only guy ever to:
write a theis on Socoby Doo in roles of the public vs the gang

photographed at my graduation where a target reticule over a picture of Scrappy Doo (got in paper too)

had a serious crush on: Velma!
Something about those knee socks and that turtleneck. Plus I always go for the brainy ones.

BTW they are currently trying to do a Scooby Doo movie. Mike Myers was attached at one time but his treatment of the story was horrid. There are a few more coming out as well and I hear they7 are going with a CGIof Scooby to give him the ability to talk and show off (as opposed to a animal actor-Thank GOD)

Oh and to answer your other questions

The best one and the scariest one has got to be the Ghost Spaceman. That one scared the living batshit out of me. The costume (a astronaut with a glowing skull in the faceplate) and that freakin laugh. I had nightmares of that thing walking around laughing.

I think I am going to design a costume of it for next years comic con

Do you think Penny was a lesbian?


There was no ‘Penny’ in Scooby-Doo. Penny is the genius-type/blond-haired niece of Inspector Gadget.

However, you may have stumbled onto an important truth. She never spent any time with boys on the show,& was always hugging girls she met & exchanging long/knowing glances with them.And on the beach, she always struttled around in a scarlet 2-piece bikini, instead of a regular kid’s swimsuit. Yes, Penny may qualify as the first cartoon /pree-teen/lesbian/nympho on children’s TV. Quick! Alert Jerry Falwell. Or, as we know him–ARG!

I always liked how Scooby Doo said his name, it usually ended up sounded something like “Scrooby-doobie-drew!”

Pass the Scooby Snacks!

Its a good thing these chairs come with fart vents.