Score: Trublmakr 1; Psycho Supervisor 0

Er, I don’t get it. You saw that you were about to make a double-post, so you put the “smack” smiley on it and did it anyway?

I had to re-post so I could quote Trublmakr; I was afraid the “writing on the chalkboard” bit wouldn’t make much sense without it.

WHOA! She talks about suicide? When a person talks about suicide, the situation needs to be taken seriously. I know you dislike the woman and apparently you have good reasons for doing so, but SOMEBODY in that office needs to get her into some kind of therapy or treatment. Are the doctors there aware that she talks about suicide a lot? They may be aware of her abusive behavior, but they may not be aware that she’s talking about killing herself.

Talk to the doctors in private and make sure they’re aware that this woman may have suicidal tendencies. Again, I realize you don’t have much reason to like this woman, but after all we’re talking about a human life here.

I don’t want to downplay the importance of taking all ideation of suicide seriously. You’re right, Lonesome Polecat. However, this is described as a continuing condition that has existed the whole time that trublmakr has been working there. In that case, I suspect that the woman is simply using the shock value of discussing suicide as just another part of her schtick for controlling those around her. Which is disgusting, childish (well, okay, angsty teenagerish - but you get the point) and totally unprofessional.

She deserves to be sent out for an involuntary admission, but not because I think she’s actually a suicide risk, but because maybe if she saw how people who do really feel that way act and live she might get a clue.

Of course, she might not, too. This sort of asshat is unlikely to respond even to mule training methods.

My boss is a crazy ninja, luckily I’m a pirate and everyone knows that Pirate > Ninja.


Or does it?

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