I read somewhere that scorpions will sting themselves to death if their lives are being threatened. Is this just a myth, or is there some truth to this?

Myth. Especially since most scorpions are immune to their own venom, in addition to the fact that most scorpion venom isn’t all that potent to begin with.

Welcome to the Straight Dope, Lasairiona! I presume that you’re referring to the recent Staff Report Does any animal besides humans commit suicide?? When you’re starting a new thread commenting on a Report or column, it’s a good idea to post a link to the report in question, so we can all stay on the same page.

Yeah, I know. Sorry about that. I hit the worng button and didn’t know how to delete the thread. I wanted it to be posted under the animal suicide thread. I guess it’s fairly obvious that I don’t post on message boards very often.

Hey, we all make mistakes (except Cecil, of course), so don’t sweat it, Lasa. The way you get familiar with which button to click when is by posting more frequently. So, welcome, and we hope these are the first of many interesting posts from you.

Also, BTW, you can always send an email to a forum moderator, and they’d be glad to help correct an inadvertent mis-cue.