Spirits=Scorpion Suicide?

I’ve got a bunch of “Amazing Facts” type books lying around the house, but, I obviously only trust those written by a certain author. :wink:

My son found one and just read this ‘fact’ to me (which I also found on several websites online):

If one places a minute amount of liquor on a scorpion, it will instantly go mad and sting itself to death.

Even if I could, and, in this area, I suppose I could, I certainly would not go around seeking out scorpions to douse with precious alcohol so they can (if this is true) off themselves, but I am now eager to know if it is a proven fact.

So, not finding anything in my SD books, or on the archives, I’m resigned (boo hoo) (kidding!) to ask the Teeming Millions, what’s the Straight Dope?

I read the same thing.

Here is one guy’s scientific experiment to put this assertion to the test.

It actually does work believe it or not. You should read about the guy’s whole experiment. It is pretty funny.

Well, thanks Shagnasty. I read that website, but, ehhhh, I think I’m still not completely convinced.

There was more to his “experiment” than just hard alcohol.

It was pretty funny, though.