SCOTS at the Southgate - best business trip ever!

Had to go to Cincy last Thurs for an argument Fri a.m. Decided to check out who was playing at the Southgate House that night. Whaddya know, it’s Rick, Mary and Dave! What a show - a 20 minute walk from my hotel, and all on my employer’s dime!

Southgate is one of the best rooms to see live music in the country. And Rick was in fine form, going off the set list after 5-6 songs and playing 50% or more requests. Now I’m in the mood for some of that banana pudding!

Carve that Possum! Glad ya had a good tiime , Dinsdale, they’re one of my fave bands as well. Didja get on stage and eat fried chicken to “Eight Piece Box”? Excellent musicians, who’ve managed to hold their act together for 22 years, quite a feat thesedays.

Just chiming in to agree with you, Dinsdale. The ballroom has great sound, the perfect layout, and it’s the perfect size. Did you get to check out the rest of the building? The parlour and the art gallery are pretty neat.

Didn’t wander as much as I should have. Will do more next time I’m back.

No 8-Piece Box for an encore, but the ladies were onstage digging ditches and eating biscuits and banana pudding. Rick went off the playlist after no more than 5-6 sings, and played almost all requests. What a show. Can’t wait for them to come to Chicago later this summer.

This Sat a bunch of us are going to see the Red Elvises at Fitzgeralds. Damn, I love good music with a sense of humor in a good room.