scott evil was in a boyband?!?

In this thread our very own scott evil makes the shocking disclosure that he was once in a boyband! He implored that we not ask about it, but in the interest of dispelling ignorance (mine, of scott evil’s membership in a boyband), I’m asking. C’mon scott, spill!

That’s not a thread, m’dear. You need a new link…

Well, he really did admit to being in a boyband.

scott? Oh scott? SCOTT!

It’s an episode of his life he would like to forget.

Here is the band. Scott was kicked out because he wasn’t well…“fresh” enough. He is in the lower right corner. I think you can see by the picture that he knew it was coming.

That’s not really him, is it?

Oh, my god, I’ve always wanted to know a boy band boy!



If it’s true, he’s got my sympathy. I wouldn’t wish celebrity on anyone.

Holy crap, that’s not me! :smiley:

Fine, fine, I’ll dish. I met a guy a few years ago who had a good voice. I told him I’d write pop songs for him to sing. (They were all really good - I must toot my own horn.) Then he said he wouldn’t do it without me performing with him. So we called ourselves “James and the Other Guy,” the “Other Guy” being me.
We later recruited another guy and renamed ourselves “Terminal Groove.” (Tacky, yes, whatever.) At the time I wasn’t working, so I’d spend my days writing songs and lyrics, and digitally sequencing it all with my keyboard & PC. Then they’d come over, learn the songs, rehearse, and what not. My ex-roommate (who is dead to me now) loved our songs. We were poised to be the first openly gay boyband, and even got to the point of meetings with A&R reps of record companies.

Alas, I got a job, and could no longer devote the time to this whimsy. The songs still live on, but I’ve decided to focus my creative energy on my musicals.

This has been “Behind the Music” with scott evil.

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