Scott Peterson sells wife's SUV

This news was just on our local news here so I went looking for something on the net to back it up. I found this site Peterson Sells Missing Wife’s Car

The local news I was watching was NBC. If you look at this, it’s from ABC.

In this article, it says in part:

It also says:

If I were grieving for my missing husband and hoping he would return to me, I just can’t see myself selling his Bronco, unless it was to raise money for the search efforts. Same thing for the home we shared together.

On the other side of the coin, I’m having a hard time understanding either of these actions if he wants to prove he’s not connected with her missing.

Granted, everyone grieves in their own way.

Your turn…what are your opinions?

I say shows arrogance, insensitivity, and stupidity either way. This guy is an idiot.

And although I am grateful that in this country he is presumed innocent, and will have to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to be punished, I think he did it…

It seems like criminals often make really dumb moves. So the old “if he really did it, why would he be dumb enough to do X?” isn’t very persuasive to me. My uninformed opinion is that he did it and is so arrogant and stupid that he’s selling her stuff.

The CNN article says it’s because the police still have his truck and he needed a truck to continue his work (which involves hauling stuff around) and the rental was costing too much. That sounds pretty valid to me. It doesn’t report the house thing, but if he’s hard up for money that might explain it…

Kudos to you Melandry for finding the CNN article. I had looked for one after finding the ABC one to back it up, but missed it. I agree with you, after reading it, that it does indeed sound valid given that reasoning.

You would need a pick up to deliver the manure he sells. (Am I the only one that sees a sick warped irony in what he sells for a living?.. You’re right, I’m a sick puppy :eek: )

I still hope she and Connor are alive and well somewhere thumbing her nose at his adulterous self, but I fear it played out more like she found out about his affair, they argued and he strangled her the night before and used the fishing trip as an alibi for disposing of her body.

Dang! I hope I’m wrong! :rolleyes:

Hmmm… I suppose that’s better than a murder. But hanging him out to dry, causing a police investigation and a lot of suffering for her own family–I don’t think it’s terribly likely.

Oh my God. It looks really bad for him.

I am very suspicious.

And just what is going on up there lately?

Seriously, my aunt & Uncle moved their family to Tuolumne back in the 1960’s because LA was getting too crazy. But in the last few years, things have gotten crazy up there too.

The woman who killed her son’s accused rapist (Nettie? Nelly?), the guy who killed all those women in and around Yosemite, and now this.

It just seems so wierd to see Modesto on the news!

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My wife just told me she shares the exact same birthday as Laci Peterson. Same year and all. Also, we are due with our first child, a boy, on February 12, just two days after Laci was due to deliver her first child, also a boy. Also, one of our best friends is named Lacey.


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It is weird to see Modesto on the news since I live 15 minutes away from it.

My opinion was that Scott did it. Yup…

Oh and something else I haven’t seen anyone comment on. About a week ago on the news they had a story about how some radio station went to the Peterson’s home and started yelling @ Scott asking questions like “Where did you put her Scott?” “Where is she?” and then “LIAR!!!” I watched the footage and I couldn’t believe it. It was weird though because even though a lot of people think he did it, I didn’t think they’d be so bold to tell him with a bullhorn.

Oh and the woman who killed her son’s molester. Her name is Ellie Nesler. She’s been in trouble with the law in the past year or so. She bought ingredients to make meth or something.

I hadn’t heard about that.

Hypothetical situation:

They get enough evidence together to bring him to trial.

I can seriously picture his attorney, whoever that may be at the time since his current attorney has already resigned, asks for a change of venue. ~ Seems to me that has a fair chance of being granted.

Let’s just say they move the trial to Los Angeles. ~ Still seems plausible to me.

Now here’s where it gets too bazaar … I get called to jury duty :eek:

Rico, honey, darling, love-o-my-life…it’s definitely time to move out of LA County!!! :rolleyes:

:: putting the mouse down - stepping away from the computer - RUNNING out to get boxes to start packing ::


Heres a link talking about wee bit about the incident I was talking about. Its mostly towards the end.

Linky link