Scott Pilgrim vs the Universe: the alternate version (spoilers)

I saw the movie in the theatre a couple of months back and I got the DVD this week.

The DVD had something really interesting. There were some deleted scenes. And one of them was an alternate ending where Scott ended up with Knives instead of Ramona.
Now the interesting thing is that this scene did more than just change the ending. It essentially changed the entire movie.

[spoiler]In the theatrical version, the movie was about Scott winning over Ramona. He did grow as a person but his growth was directed toward the goal of getting the girl. His battles with the evil exes was actually what it seemed - a struggle to defeat the obstacles that stood between him and Ramona.

But in the alternate version, Scott didn’t get Ramona. He got Knives, the girl he began the movie with. So the story was no longer about boy gets girl because boy already had the girl in opening scene. This different ending made the story much more about Scott becoming a better person.

In this alternate movie, defeating the evil exes was not about Ramona. Scott needed to defeat them so he could grow up enough to have an adult relationship with Knives. Ramona, in this story, basically functioned as a guide - a magical American if you will.[/spoiler]
As I said, the strange thing is that this was essentially the same movie. All the scenes and characters and lines were the same. But the different ending changed their meaning.

And finally, while I used spoiler boxes here, I can’t guarantee they’ll continue to be use. Anyone not wanting to know the ending(s) should be advised.

I much prefer that ending and adds quite a bit to the film that I felt it was lacking. Plus I liked Knives better anyway.

Oh, and spoilers in the sentence above.

Scott dating Knives was just creepy, that girl had the mentality of a 12 year old.

To be fair, so do Scott, Ramona, and everyone else involved in the story.

And that was the point. Scott, Knives, and Ramona all needed to grow up.

Well yeah, but there is a difference between simply immature and completely innocent. A 22 year old has no business dating a 17 year old who has never kissed a guy and is too shy to hold hands. A much better alternate ending would have had him ending up with Kim, or even Envy.

I just saw it. I can’t believe I never heard any discussion about how Scott defeated the lesbian evil ex. The lesbian could only be defeated by a man forcing her to orgasm! Sure it’s handled in a very PG way, but Jesus.

Now, from what I know of the comic, the situation was somewhat reversed, and it was Scott who told Ramona the back of the knee tip to defeat Envy - but that’s the book.

I’m not offended in the slightest, but I can’t believe they went there – let alone altering the source material to go out of their way to go there.

Actually I thought that was good. Scott didn’t want to hit a girl which made a regular fight between him and Roxanne impossible. (In the movie; in the comic book they did fight.) So they used the idea from Ramona’s fight with Envy in the comic book and had Scott defeat Roxanne without hitting her.

This is what I thought too. Knives was obviously an inappropriate choice, and going back to her would have shown no growth, but he had no real connection to Ramona either. She was just a fantasy projection to him – an abstract “dream girl.” He was a dream projection to knives too, for that matter. Kim was the one who actually liked him without mystifying him and who he was buddies with.

I agree with this too. I’ve never read the comc book, but it was obvious to me that they made this choice as a strategy to have Scott defeat a girl without hitting her. That always looks bad cinematically.

Specially right after Todd punched the highlights out of Knives hair.