Scott Walker is in

Gov. Walker’s initial strategy seems to focus on telling America how much he hates unions and how he wins “big fights” (unions today represent less 15% of all workers in America).

Sure to be talked about: Walker’s stance on education, privatization and voting access.

I think he’ll liven up the conversation for a bit, then be sent home with his tail between his legs, but I’m glad to welcome him to the GOP Nom Show.

I think Walker is one of the first-tier candidates among the Republicans running, in terms of likelihood of being nominated.

And also – recalling the thread about it in GD – how much he also hates universities and all institutions of higher learning and the academics that inhabit them. And by extension, how much he hates science and fact-based reality.

But he’s not only a hater, he’s also a lover. He loves the Koch brothers, and he loves their money even more.

Sounds like an ideal candidate!

In the unlikely event that he wins, I think he would be the first president since Truman who did not complete a college degree. So, if a debate opponent presses him about his education, expect Walker to reply, “You know, Truman didn’t have a degree either!” Even money on whether his opponent comes back with, “Governor, you’re no Harry Truman.”

And Millard Fillmore didn’t either.

It wouldn’t be hard to go after Walker directly based on his ignorance of the world, without getting bogged down in credentials.

'Fraid so.

Of all the Republican candidates Walker scares me the most. He’s the only Republican candidate other than Bush who I think has a chance of actually winning the presidency. Given the bad rep that unions have, and then add in a billion dollars or so of big business PAC funding directed towards making it worse, I could see him getting a majority to support his anti-union agenda.

Once in power I could see him gutting any form of labor regulations and scoring political points by making the federal workforce’s lives as unpleasant as possible in the name of small government. I expect wages to stay flat or even fall under a Walker administration, while inequality sky rockets further.

Jeb may be bad, but Walker is pure evil.

I imagine all my Wisconsin friends will react something along the lines of “Well, good news is, if he wins, he won’t be our governor any more…”

Yeah, but far better that he just screw (the Koch Industries midwest subsidiary formerly known as the state of) Wisconsin than screw the whole U.S.A.

Could he win the GOP nomination? Sure. Could he win the Presidency? Let’s hope and pray that he doesn’t.

He is the most frightening of the lot. We all know that Perry, Cruz, Paul, Fiorina, Trump, Jindal, Huckabee, Christie, Carson, and Santorum cannot possibly win. But Walker has a shot. The man exudes evil from every pore. So if he catches fire, the rest of us better look out. I think Hillary can beat him up one side and down the other, but to have such a man get this close to the White House is frightening indeed.

Finally, a candidate for everyone who wanted a third Nixon term.

But you have to love today’s front-page feature in the NY TIMES. Subtext: “Walker Too Stupid to be President.”

Incidentally, the man looksa bit touched.

If Romney isn’t going to be running, it looks like Walker has my vote.

He’s got name recognition because of all the media attention with the recall and his wars with the public sector unions. He’s got a good support and fundraising system built up from all that also. If he can raise enough money to spend around the same order of magnitude as Bush, he’s got a shot to beat him.

What’s his position on immigration?

Who’s the audience?

I just read a couple articles on it. Looks like he’s instinct is to have a pathway to amnesty of some kind, but he’s holding back on stating that outright (most of the time) to appease the right wing base and win the nomination.

Please, Mitt. Enter the race. We’ve got over a dozen candidates on the Republican side and only Donald Fucking Trump is saying the right things on immigration.

I second this. Please, Mitt, enter the race.

The right thing to say is that the Mexican government is sending people over the border? that all these guys crossing the Rio Grande are doing so because the Mexican government tells them to do it? Or is the right thing saying that the Mexicans will pay for this super-dee-duper wall because… well because Trump ordained it? What’s Trump gonna do, channel Saint Reagan and bellow “President Nieto, build up this wall!”? These are the right things to say, that Mexico is no friend of the US?

Agreed. He’s more dangerous than any of the rest of this crew, and that’s saying a lot.

For example, consider his attack on tenure at the University of Wisconsin. I have no connection with Badger U., but it’s one of America’s best public universities, and he’s willing to tear that down because…who the hell knows why? Because college professors are coddled liberal intellectuals, and tenure is a linchpin of the architecture of that coddling? I’m just guessing here on the basis of the wingnut mind, because I certainly don’t know the particulars of Walker’s mind.

He certainly has Nixon’s blackhearted soul - if you can call it a soul.*

One can only hope he’s too stupid to get elected. But I wouldn’t count on it. He’s the main reason I don’t buy into arguments of Jebbie’s inevitability.
*ETA: Here’s how it worked out: Nixon sold his soul to the Devil in order to be elected President in 1968. Once the Devil collected his prize on Nixon’s death, he stuffed that soul inside the young Scott Walker, who was happy to have it.

I read a review of Walker’s political skills, saying that he’s functioning at about the level of a city councilman that nobody likes and it’s kind of baffling how he won the gubernatorial race.

Because the Clown Car can always use more clowns.