Scott Walker is in


I agree he’s awful, but the only one that isn’t really awful is Kasich.

I agree. As much as I enjoy the chaos Trump has caused, the old-school part of me wishes I could also watch the alternate reality version you describe, and see how it would have played out.

Or would it just have been Carson and Fiorina because the Republican primary electorate doesn’t want politicians? P

Stupid Republican Idea of the Day, as in the famed Pit thread.

Ahhhh…ok, thanks.

Well, Kasich comes across as more genuine and ‘cooler’ I guess. He is older and more confident, steadier. He is a bit oily but all of it together and I think he could get away with a bald spot. But I don’t think Kasich’s ideas are all that hot- they resemble Walker’s (and every other GOP politicians’), only enforced with less success in Ohio:

What does Kasich think about AGW? Probably closer to George Willthan Al Gore, but I’m speculating at this point.

But he went for Medicaid expansion, he talks about his greatest responsibility being to help the poor, and he was accused by George Will back in the '90s of being too much of a compassionate conservative.

I’m not saying I would rather have him as president then a Democrat, but he is the only Republican running that strikes me as basically being a decent person at heart.

If he wants to help the poor, I’m not sure bashing unions is the place to start. But still, maybe he really is a nice guy.

People said of Carter, “He’s a nice man but not very good as president.” Carter at least had good ideas (and was cursed with perhaps impossible circumstances). Kasich only has “nice”.

Pataki seems less awful than the field from what I can tell. Still a fiscal bonehead, but not anti-environmentalist. Am I wrong?

I’d say his soul is not without elements of decency, but saying he’s a decent guy overall is way further than I’d go.

Yeah, I forgot he was running.

You know, you could just go to the quarry and throw yourself in. Nobody else wants to go and you’re rather keen, so why not?

This AFL-CIO boss is certainly not a fan of Walker.

“Scott Walker is still a disgrace, just no longer national,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said in a one-sentence statement after news that Walker was going to announce he is ending his 2016 campaign.”


Maybe he’ll have to work off his debt as a gigolo.

You are not wrong. Pataki is capable of sounding intelligent and reasonable at times. Which is why the only way he will ever get in the Oval Office will be on a tour.

“Scott Walker is in”.

And now he is out.

Speaking of George Pataki, he is pretty moderate and sane. His low standing on polls is due to him not really standing out in terms of personality. His resume is pretty sound as well, a three term Republican governor in a blue state like New York. A state that is the third largest economy after California and Texas. Ideally Pataki should be at or near the top. Conservative on the economy and moderate socially, he is the ideal type to go and possibly beat the Democrats in Nov 2016.

On the one hand, the rest of you don’t have to worry about him.

On the other, those of us in Wisconsin still have him around.

It’s a net positive, so I guess I should be happy.

You are right!!!

Yeah, and he’s probably going to take it out on you guys. My sympathies…although as a diehard Vikings fan part of me thinks you deserve it just for being Packer backers. :wink:

Oh we deserve it. I voted for this bastard the first time around, so I have no one to blame but myself.

The amazing thing to me, obvious to you since you’re a Minnesotan, is that we have 2 governors that have taken exactly opposite paths,. Yours is working much better, but ours was at one point considered a serious contender for President!:smack:

Dayton really does deserve more attention, along with the now-blue Minnesota Legislature, for running a blue-state laboratory that is showing great results for progressive programs. I suppose he figured it was a bad year to run against Hillary (though she’s looking weaker all the time), but he’ll be closer to 80 than 70 by the next time he is likely to have a chance, so…oh well.

Knock it off.

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