Scott Walker, Reublicanus Assholus

I do not live in Wisconsin anymore, but I grew up there, went to college there and have a great affinity for the state. So I have taken a special interest in the events there and find it fucking awesome that the Democrats and the people are standing up to that idiot Governor Walker. Trying to destroy the public workers unions (except of course the ones that donated to his cause) to help “fix” a budget crisis of his own making, that stripping collective bargaining does nothing to fix, hides what is really going on here.

Nothing less than an attempt to destroy the only organized well funded well organized organizations that support Democrats. Meanwhile the Republicans have plenty of big money corporate interests, so as the video below explains it will be bake sales versus corporations. Fair fight?

Rachel Maddow brilliantly breaks it down here:

Scott Walker is a pissant Teahadist jackass and I for one am cheering the state workers and state democrats one hundred percent of the way.

The unions aren’t going to go away. They aren’t going to stop funding political campaigns. If the Dems in this state weren’t such cowards they would stay in the capitol, propose amendments, try to get some moderates on their side, attempt to stall the bill as long as possible and hope for the best in the next election.

I voted Walker in and this is exactly the kind of leadership I was hoping for.

Oh but they already have. unions are down under 7 percent of the jobs in America ,from a high of about 35. The unions have practically gone away, that is why we are so much better off than we were 20 years ago.

If union busting was what you voted for then fine but IIRC Walker never made any mention of such a thing in his campaign so not sure how you would know to vote for him for that. He did make the state’s deficit worse though. Did you vote for that too?

As for the unions note that this bill, ostensibly meant to help a budget deficit, actually does nothing about the deficit but rather gimps certain unions. Per the bill the unions need a vote every year from a majority of members (not just majority of voters) to stay alive. The unions will no longer be able to collectively bargain on behalf of its members. That is the main thing unions do for its members. How long will people keep paying union dues when the union no longer can do its main job for them?

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