Scott Wilson, R.I.P. (The Walking Dead, CSI, In Cold Blood)

Scott Wilson has died at the age of 76, apparently of leukemia.

I’d seen him in a few movies earlier, but I really started paying attention to him when he was on CSI. He had a recurring role as Catherine’s father, a sketchy casino owner named Sam Braun. Later I saw him in In Cold Blood (1967) as one of the murderers, Dick Hickock. I was absolutely blown away by his performance. I honestly thought he deserved at least an Oscar nomination for that role, which was only his second film gig ever. Most people probably remember him for The Walking Dead, but I gave up on that show before he became part of the cast.

In my opinion, he was a great actor, very much underappreciated. I can’t define screen presence, but whatever it is, he had it.

He first caught my eye in an episode of the '80’s Twilight Zone revival series.

Mr. Wilson is very good in The Grissom Gang (1971) as the psycho gang leader who kidnaps Kim Darby and falls for her. He is excellent in The Ninth Configuration (1980) - a high water mark in American surrealism - as an ex-astronaut turned loony bin inmate under the care of Stacy Keach (who’s even crazier). To “underappreciated,” I would add under-utilized.

He played Ashley Judd’s estranged father in, “Come Early Morning.” He was good; I wanted to punch his lights out.

Yep, i saw that. Sad. It was leukemia I think the article said. I loved him as Herschel in The Walking Dead. They said there is an episode in this season with him. I hope it’s already filmed and we get to see him again.

I couldn’t agree more about his work in the Ninth Configuration. He is the moral center of the film. Without him th he film would have been a ridiculous joke. He and Keack worked wonderfully together.