ScottHaneda, what happens when good moderators go bad

This travesty is what happens when nobody cares enough to junior moderate. How could something like this happen 10 posts into the equally stream-of-consciousness Puss Belly Thread.
My God, people, think of the children.

I think Puss Belly belonged in GQ anyway.

Beagle, surely, SURELY there is something out there in SDMB land worth worrying about more than some snot-faced ‘Softmore’s’ postings? Like zits, they go away if you don’t give them any heed.

Hey, d’ya reckon Warnie should’ve got 12 months suspension for taking his mum’s diuretic tabs? :smiley:

This thread is one of those weird things you come across in th’ middle of the night when exhaustion zones out the logic circuits and leaves only the echoes of babbling down the hall …

Beagle, mate – have you actually “junior modded” and reported that guy’s posts to the mods? If so, why can’t you wait until they get a chance to fix things up?

I’m wondering if ScottHaneda’s login/password has been compromised; this seems a little out of character.

OK, I could not summon up any obscenities or anger. And, maybe these threads do not merit a classic pitting. Sorry. It is hard to summon up any anger at someone who obviously needs surgery on his left pinkie finger - you know, the one by the caps lock. Report him? I don’t think that is necessary. Some things report themselves. Like posting a “Survey!!!” in Great Debates. But, [JR MOD HAT ON] don’t post dada crap in Great Debates. It is hard to find a less appropriate forum. [JR MOD LEATHER GARB ON] Mmm, I like being a mod.

It’s “not necessary” to report a post, but it is to start a Pit thread about it??? :confused:

I’m not sure what is to be gained by either. I was merely noting that of the ten people who posted to the first thread, only one attempted to “Jr Mod” in what was obviously an inappropriate thread for Great Debates. Dammit, that’s an IMHO at best.

Oh, you want smilies eh? :dubious: Three quesion marks!!!

At this point I would like to say “Air vagina.” Thank you.

See what happens when this side of planet is awake and all the mods on the other side of the planet are asleep?

Havoc is wrought!

We need a Aussie or Kiwi mod so when everyone else is asleep we can keep the peace.

No nominations. I don’t want to piss anyone off :D.

And of course, at this time, even on dial up, the board is faster than light, so all you people from up there … keep away from our timeslot.

Hear, bloody hear, mate! :smiley:

(Oh, whoops, that was a ‘me too’ post, wasn’t it? Such a pity, that. )

“Air Vagina” would be a cool name for Nike product.

Your time slot, those of the backward circulating toilets? No way, this is when early risers on the East Coast can beat all the CA people. They always slow things down. It’s and East Coast versus West Coast thing. Word.

Yeah, but can you imagine how much those shoes would cost. . .

Just Do It.

Well, that’s you disqualified, bucko.

You know, as stupid as the survey thread was, the first response was even stupider.

I am still totally bemused and curious as to what an AV or a PB is. Did he just mean the “mons veneris”? Or was he talking about the lower stomach?

Either way, that is one poster who I will wager will be seeing very, very few “Air Vaginas” in the near or distant future (if he has ever seen one outside a medical textbook).

You’re nuts. “Puss belly” all the way.


…and what it would be like to slip your foot into one.

No. No, I’ve now grossed myself out.

Fisting is bad enough, but “Footing”…?

::runs, screaming, from thread:: AAaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…!