Scottish Peerage

Does anybody know if there’s anyplace I can find a list of current Scottish peers?


Check out Burke’s Peerage, info at

Better yet, try the House of Lords page on the UK Parliament website.

With one minor caveat - the list on the official House of Lords’ website only gives the names of those currently entitled to sit in the Lords. The most up-to-date list in print of the entire peerage will be that in Dod’s ‘Parliamentary Companion’.

Of course, the phrase ‘Scottish peerage’ is ambiguous - it could mean either someone who holds a Scottish peerage predating the 1707 Act of Union or a Scotsman holding a British or UK peerage postdating the 1707 Act of Union. I doubt whether you’re going to be able to find a list of current holders which specifically breaks down the names on either basis, although the general lists will give this information in each individual case.

Maybe ask the House of Lords - it has has e-mail addresses for enquiries, and this is the one for enquiries regarding “membership, role and work of the House of Lords”.