SCOTUS punts on SSM! Gay marriages soon legal in 30 states

Breaking news.

After 25 years of living together “in sin” my sister and her partner can now get married and finally make honest women out of them.

Wow, we didn’t see that coming.

I would think “living in sin” would certainly be much more fun than being “honest women.” :smiley:

Congratulations to your sister and her partner.


Personally, I like to think of being married as just easier access to sin. :smiley:

Salt Lake County is ready now to issue marriage licenses.


Personally, I don’t think of sex as sinful. :slight_smile:

And yes, I’m aware of how “non-approved marriage arrangements” somehow got narrowed down to “sex”. :slight_smile:

I actually saw this on Facebook, of all places. Not anyone announcing it, just in the upper right corner. They surprisingly do a good job of just showing somewhat important news (even if it’s amongst a lot of celebrity stuff.)

FYI, this is also being discussed in this unfortunately named GD thread, if you want more info. I do like the idea of having a separate MPSIMS thread, though.

And as usual, Ohio is left back in the Neanderthal age.

I think the best thing about this is how unremarkable it is. I don’t get Fox News or AM radio, so I’m spared the anguish and hand wringing, but it’s not the huge bang I thought it would be. Pretty anticlimactic.

Aw, but the wailings and gnashings of teeth are the best part! :stuck_out_tongue:

So when do the circuit court rulings begin to apply to the whole circuit?

If I understand correctly, they already apply to the whole circuit. The argument I believe states like Wyoming and South Carolina are making is that the circuit court ruling applies to those other states’ suits but their’s is different enough to require its own ruling and the question will be if the circuit courts agree or not.

At this point it’s all just footdragging. Maybe some states will give it up at this point.

Congrats to Tokyo Bayer’s sister and future (legal) sister-in-law.

I know, I can’t wait until Texas gets the slap down. The schadenfreude will be particularly tasty that day.