SCOTUS - Seat Open

Yes, O’connor resigns.

Shit hits fan. Politics in USA to somehow get uglier.

And away we go…

-Joe, contemplating total news blackout for the next 8 months

Aw, fuck.
who never thought he’d mourn the resignation of a Reagan appointee

Wow. That’s the very one that will stir up the most shit in Congress. Brace yourselves for lots of hostility.

By the way, Monky-in-Chief is going to squawk at 11:15 ET, mercifully sparing us from a prime-time interruption.

Pretty much.

I’m guessing our nuclear option will be invoked by mid-December.

Maybe we can go for a pool? Whomever is closest gets the pot?

-Joe, won’t know if he wins or loses with the blackout

I was wondering if one the associate justices would resign before Rehnquist. Well, this should be interesting. I wonder how much time any nominee will spend being filibustered and how much lower the people’s opinion of Congress will sink as it goes on.

George Carlin for Supreme Court Justice!

Hoo boy.

Anyone know why?

Ok, so bring me up to speed here, which way did she tilt? Was she lib or con?

Because she’s 75.

Swing, but more often conservative.

She was bi-curious. Conservative but swung the other way too.

The Kelo decision must have really pissed her off.

Pretty conservative, but she swung the other way on many occassions.

Yep, just when you thought the divisions couldn’t get any deeper.

I didn’t expect this 'til at least next year.

You want fireworks for the 4th? Here’s yer political fireworks.

This is probably why Rehnquist’s retirement has not been announced yet.

Thanks, now I know to be depressed.

Strategy time. Bush will throw up a nominee that is totally unacceptable as a red herring. This will force the Democrats to sputter and bitch and eventually decide that, yes indeedy, this is an “extraordinary circumstance”. Bush lets the shit hit the fan for a while and then the nominee withdraws, citing how unreasonable the Democrats are being. Then, Bush nominates the person he wanted in the first place. The Democrats will be reluctant to fight back a second time for fear of looking unreasonable and obstructionist.

That would be my evil plan anyway.

She’s not only swing, she’s swing on ABORTION.

I am interning with a capital defense office. A motion for a liquid lunch has been passed.