SCOTUS: Who do you think Trump will pick? And who do you HOPE he will pick?

Here is a list of his potential Supreme Court nominees. I’m not sure on their source, but, who do you think Trump will nominate? And who do you hope he picks?

For me personally, I hope it’s Mike Lee, because I’m from Utah and know him.

Ted Cruz

I hope hid pick is irrelevant because that person is never seated because the Senate decides not to nuke the filibuster so as to provide cover for their failings by claiming they were because of Democratic obstructionism.

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I want Federico Moreno to get the nod. He’s a former public defender, which I think we can all agree is a mark of an especially perspicacious disposition, a long time federal judge, and should have been sitting on the Eleventh Circuit but for the Democrats’ failure to vote on him when nominated by Bush 41.

Personally, I hope Obama just appoints Garland. The Senate has the right to reject the President’s candidate, of course, but it would seem that they have waived that right. I’d love to see a good old fashioned Constitutional fight. The supreme irony, of course, would be if the case is stuck with a 4-4 tie when it got challenged!

I don’t know how you envision this going … do you think that Obama can just … deem Garland a justice, without the consent of the Senate? Do you think he’d just show up and start interrupting SCOTUS hearings by asking the lawyers questions, and everyone would just … go along with it?