The site is down…does anyone know why? Is it all over?! WHERE CAN I GET MY SCRABBLE FIX?

Copyright infringement?

Grr. I found this.

So does anyone know any other places I can play Scrabble online?

I like WordBiz.

You can only play 2-player games on it; I don’t know if that’s common to all internet Scrabble games.

Yeah, I just got an IM from one of my pals there who’s totally freaking out – he’s in Ireland and thought he was going to be safe from all the BS over here.

And, damn, I’d just gotten my rating pretty securely over 1700 …

On facebook they replaced Scrabulous with something called Wordscraper. It works just as well as a scrabble clone if you make your board that way, but you can also set up a game with different triple and double scores throughout the board which makes for a fun game as well.

I imagine with their scrabulous website going down that they will have a wordscraper site up eventually.

Wordscraper isn’t up as an independent site yet. (Not all of us do Facebook.)

Yeah, I preferred the actual scrabulous site. I’ll check out WordBiz later, though. This is so depressing.

Trademark infringement in the US. Not sure about intellectual property rights in other jurisdictions.

It’s back in operation as – ratings intact, etc.


W00! Now I can continue my futile quest to one day beat twickster!

Some things aren’t working quite right but I’m sure that will get fixed soon.

Always glad to [del]humiliate[/del] play with a fellow Doper! (I’ll tell you what, though, if you want to experience true humility, play Mad The Swine – he has beaten the snot out of me every time we’ve played.)

Seriously – if anyone ever wants a game, I play as “twickster” there – say hi and mention the Dope if your username isn’t the same.

:rolleyes: Yeah, Like Mom & Pop can beat Wal-Mart.