The company I work for also does house and building demolition for urban renewal projects and such. In one of these old houses were two old scrapbooks containing photographs of probably every pro boxer that stepped into the ring back in the 30’s and 40’s. The pics are surprisingly well preserved and seemed to have been clipped from newspapers and magazines of the era (although I have yet to see a date for verification).
My question is are they valuable?? Should I take them to a museum somewhere for evaluation or just list them on Ebay and see if anyone is interested?
Gotta be worth more than a piece of chewed bubble gum I reckon!!

If they’re clipped from newspapers, they’re probably curiousities and only someone on ebay would probably be interested.

If they’re photographs (particularly autographed), they would go for higher.

I’ve seen scrapbooks auctioned on ebay. They were of more gruesome subjects (lynchings in one, murders in the other) and they went for very decent prices, in the $100-$200 range. I would suggest that to be your best bet.

You can also check with companies like Profiles in History for advice: